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Ron Paul: Yep, Still A Kook

Posted by Casey on January 21, 2010

His lack of understanding of military continues to be staggering.  Almost as bad as Kucinich even.  I need not comment more.


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CIA Confirms Al Qaeda In Iraq In 2002

Posted by Casey on November 13, 2008

This is not news, or a surprise, as it has been confirmed dozens of times. I even wrote about some of the terrorist ties Saddam had here. Saddam did have a tentative relationship with al Qaeda, but it was not extensive. Just so we are clear … no one has ever denied that Saddam had extensive ties to terrorism. Al Qaeda being in Iraq wasn’t the reason for invasion anyway. It was Saddam’s CONFIRMED WMD programs coupled with his ties to terrorist organizations that was given as reasons for invasion by Republicans and Democrats alike.

Charles “Sam” Faddis, who led a CIA team into northern Iraq following the 9/11 attacks, says the Pentagon’s “endless planning and delays” foiled a chance to wipe out a band of al Qaeda leaders who were fleeing American bombs in Afghanistan.
Faddis says the delays, beginning in 2002, also facilitated the escape of some “key” al Qaeda figures, including terrorist scientists who were working on chemical and biological weapons.
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Al Qaeda showed up after our invasion of Afghanistan according to this operative.

Al Qaeda operatives “showed up in Iraq after our invasion of Afghanistan.”
Before the U.S. invasion, “you had al Qaeda operatives in the north spying (on Iraq) — the same as us,” he said.
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Consider yourself smarter for having read this post.

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