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McCain/Palin Continue To Kick The Hell Out Of Obama

Posted by Casey on August 31, 2008

Now that Obama has been getting his butt kicked the past couple of days … he’s decided to copy everything McCain does and says in order to save face.

This is just too much. You all know how Palin is generating the conservative base that McCain didn’t have before. The libs are scared to death, and it is blatantly clear given their personal attacks on Palin being a mother with special needs child. However, it has just gotten better.

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John McCain tore up the script for his Republican National Convention on Sunday, canceling most opening-day activities and positioning himself as above mere politics as Hurricane Gustav churned toward New Orleans.

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Ok, that’s good.

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"This is a time when we have to do away with our party politics and we have to act as Americans," he said as fellow Republicans converged on their convention city to nominate him for the White House.

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Oh, that’s just smooth.

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McCain's aides chartered a jet to fly delegates back to their hurricane-threatened states along the Gulf Coast. Campaign manager Rick Davis said the first-night program was being cut from seven hours to two and one half.

McCain said in an interview with NBC that it was possible he would make his acceptance speech not from the convention podium but via satellite from the Gulf Coast region.

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And the McCain campaign chartered planes for delegates so they could get home to deal with what Gustav leaves … wow. Plus he’ll likely give his acceptance speech from hurricane central rather than at the convention … again, wow.

So what is Obama doing to help the victims of Gustav?

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Democratic rival Barack Obama got a briefing, too, by telephone from Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff. Obama heard about the status of the storm, the evacuation effort and coordination between federal, state and local authorities, according to Democratic campaign adviser Robert Gibbs.

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Oh, not so good. The libs might even say that Obama’s actions are very Bush-esc.

No doubt the left will downplay the McCain move as a political stunt. So what. There are several delegates who get a free ride home as a result of this “political stunt” while Obama was too lazy to even attempt a political stunt of his own. Besides, this is exactly what the left has said they wanted in a leader. Someone who will make an appearance just for the sake of making one. To let victims know they aren’t forgotten … remember? Since the addition of Palin to the ticket … Obama has been virtually non-existent to the world. His team is no doubt trying to figure out how they are going keep this from being a landslide defeat. After all, he couldn’t defeat McCain when the conservative base wasn’t energized and supporting him. Now that they are energized … what to do Obama, what to do?

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NFL Network Hacked?

Posted by Casey on August 29, 2008

I was just sitting here watching the NFL Network in HD when suddenly there was an interruption in the programming. A still framed picture appeared that looked like a security camera with what appeared to be an alien face, or perhaps the face from “Scream.” The network cut to a commercial, played one commercial, then came back to the programming. Very odd.

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Sarah Palin 2, Obama 0

Posted by Casey on August 29, 2008

I had the distinct honor of breaking the news about Palin on my radio show this morning literally 30 seconds after it has been leaked while hinting at it since 5:00 am pacific time, and at least a half hour before the official confirmation. I have been rooting for Palin for the past week and a half. Literally, everything that we conservatives have wanted to send to Washington D.C., to fix the attitude of appeasement that Republicans have been engaging in lately, is in Governor Palin. She is a perfect conservative, and I make no qualms about saying it. I’ve been telling the people at my studio to watch out for her for the past several days.

As we broke the announcement that she was the VP choice I fielded calls from listeners that were upset it wasn’t Romney because no one knew who she was. I assured them that in 2 weeks time they would know, and love, Palin. Little did I know that it wouldn’t take 2 weeks at all. In only took 2 minutes of her stellar speech today to, as my co-workers said, “make the hair stand up on the back of everyone’s neck.” I literally can’t remember a better political speech than what she delivered today in Ohio.

I took it upon myself to introduce Palin to the audience that seemed a little concerned about her lack of name recognition. As I began explaining how Palin encompasses everything conservatives have been looking for, the calls started coming in from conservative after conservative who was now fully motivated to support McCain. The bottom line is that Obama was losing to McCain even with conservatives not being enthusiastic about him. Now, conservatives are more motivated, enthusiastic, and flat out thrilled than I have ever seen them in this election cycle. Even the Ron Paul supporters can’t criticize Palin, and they’ve been able to criticize every other candidate on the GOP side of the aisle.

So why is Palin leading on the scoreboard? It literally took 2.3 seconds for Obama’s campaign to insert their terrorist riddled foot in their own ass by once again attacking small town America.

Barack Obama’s campaign is blasting John McCain for putting “the former mayor of a town of 9,000 with zero foreign policy experience a heartbeat away from the presidency.”

So right off the bat Palin wins points with the majority of states in the union because of the massive number of smaller towns in the US. Plus, Obama has once again showed himself to be an elitist who criticizes small-town America. Remember the whole “bible-thumping” comments.

Then there is the speech that she delivered today. I would like to point out that I could easily give her more than a 2 point lead over Obama, but I’ll just factor the overall beat down she gave in her speech as 1 point. I’d also like to point out that she came out with the biggest, shiny flag lapel pin you could ask for from a candidate. Clearly a dig at Obama’s flag pin gaffe, and one that will not be forgotten. Not to mention, Palin was announced on McCain’s birthday, and Palin’s anniversary. You can’t write this great of a story.

You will see the attack that Palin is inexperienced, and McCain is a hypocrite for attacking Obama as inexperienced. THIS IS A HUGE MISTAKE LIBERALS! There, I gave you fair warning. Don’t attack her experience.

First of all, 2 years as a governor is more executive experience than a full term as a US senator.

Second, she was a two-term mayor in Alaska before she was governor. She has a ton of executive experience which dwarfs everyone looking to end up in the White House. This includes McCain, Obama, and Biden. That’s right, she is more experienced than any of them in terms of running an executive branch of government. No on made the argument that Rudy Giuliani wasn’t experienced enough to be president since he was only a mayor.

Third, she also has legislative experience. Palin served two terms in the Wasilla City Council before becoming mayor. She is the only one of the four players who has both legislative and executive experience. So there is no way to make the experience argument to stick if properly defended.

We also can’t forget that Palin defeated a corrupt governor in the Republican primary, without support from the Alaskan GOP. She then went on to win the general election over her Democrat opponent, also without support from the local GOP. Why didn’t she have the local GOP’s support? Because they were corrupt, and she exposed it.

She is also the person who killed the “bridge to nowhere”, and challenged the polar bear being put on the endangered species list because the polar bear is thriving.

She is squeaky clean on the oil lobby argument Obama’s camp is trying, but she is friendly to drilling and alternative energy. She has NO BAGGAGE! The only issue is an investigation into firing a commissioner shown to be corrupt … big deal!

She cut taxes by 60% as mayor.

Rest assured … in a couple weeks time you will see just how scared the libs are of this woman.

How is Biden going to challenge her on Iraq when her son will be in Iraq as an infantryman?

How is Obama going to challenge her when he supports letting a living baby die in a closet while she chose to have a baby with down syndrome? For those of you who think she will be too busy to be VP because of her baby … she returned to work three days after giving birth as governor of Alaska.

There is a ton more to this, and why Palin is the perfect conservative pick, but I’m running out of time. If you are concerned about this … don’t be … unless you are a lib. The libs are in HUGE trouble here.

Here’s her stellar speech today in Ohio.

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So I Made Some Pictures Of Obama

Posted by Casey on August 27, 2008

I found a pretty cool liberal site that allowed me to submit my own caption for a picture of Obama. Here’s what I came up with so far.

funny pictures
moar funny pictures

funny pictures
moar funny pictures

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How Should You Celebrate When You Find Out You’re Not The Father?

Posted by Casey on August 26, 2008

Holy Taco is there with the answer, but I’ll give you a teaser. Now, I realize that Maury Povich is a staged show, and many of these are fake (if not all of them). However, it is fun to celebrate the mental destruction of some slut who’s just trying to get a meal ticket from you … that is until she decides she’d rather destroy you on national television first.

There are 7 top reactions to the baby not being yours at Holy Taco. I’ll leave you with the following as an appetizer for the rest of them. Notice how both “parents” are white, but the baby is black. Yet this “totally unstaged” segment shows a pasty white guy crumbling upon being told he is not the black baby’s father. I’d also like to point out the few celebrations in the audience upon hearing that the white whale girl cheated with a black guy … interesting.

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The Dumbest Robber Ever! (Funny Video)

Posted by Casey on August 23, 2008

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Stop Mispronouncing South Ossetia!

Posted by Casey on August 18, 2008

I am getting sick and tired of the so called “news professionals” mispronouncing South Ossetia. Over and over again I hear CNN, Fox, ABC, NBC, CBS and others pronounce the region completely incorrectly while they cover the Russian invasion of Georgia.

News reporters continue to pronounce South Ossetia as South Oh-set-tia. That is blatantly wrong! Furthermore, it is a merger of the Russian pronunciation and the English pronunciation. There are two accepted English ways of pronouncing South Ossetia. The first is South Ah-see-shuh … clearly a big difference in what your college educated journalists are feeding through your head. That is according to Webster’s Dictionary so don’t send me messages challenging that pronunciation. The second way to pronounce South Ossetia, and the most common, is South O-see-shah. That’s according to

If a reporter can’t get a simple pronunciation correct, how the hell are you supposed to take their reporting seriously? Now you know, and knowing is half the battle.

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It’s Time For Mac Users To Shut The F— Up!

Posted by Casey on August 15, 2008

Those of you who have followed my migration from Blogger know that I am no fan of Mac, but I’m even less of a fan of Mac users. Let’s face it … you Mac users think you’re God’s gift to the world. You love to thumb your noses at PC users while simultaneously generating a cloud of your own smug that puts the quality of Beijing’s air to shame.

It’s about time you Mac users truly evaluated yourselves to realize just how pathetic you really are. You paid more money for a computer that does less, has less accessories, less software options, and is infinitely less flexible than the PC. Plus, the Mac was designed for computer users who are too stupid and scared to use a PC. That’s right, the Mac is an expensive entry level system that caters to the technologically challenged. I’ve proven how Mac’s are inferior to PC’s before, and I ran across one hell of an article written by a like-minded PC user. It’s time for PC users to put Mac users in their damn place.

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Cuming To Nintendo Wii … SEEEEEEEEEX!

Posted by Casey on August 14, 2008

Shameless link bait, I know.

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Tell Me What You Want Me To Write About …

Posted by Casey on August 13, 2008

I ran across Skribit recently, and decided to give it a try. Skribit allows you to tell me what you’d like me to write about on my blog. Simply click on “What Should I Write About” and submit a topic for me to discuss. It can be anything you want. Think of this as open lines for a talk show. Have fun with it.

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