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Army: We Could Totally Kick N. Korea’s Ass Right Now

Posted by Casey on May 29, 2009

While our president continues to completely ignore N. Korea’s saber rattling, and all you pacifists have been proven wrong about how effective talking with them could be, our military is ready to kick some ass.

Defense Secretary Robert Gates is playing down the tensions stemming from North Korea’s nuclear and missile tests this week, but the Army’s top officer says the U.S. could fight an old-fashioned war against the communist regime if necessary.

Asked whether the American forces would be prepared to fight if war broke out between South Korea and North Korea, Gen. George Casey replied, “The short answer is yes.” But he added that it would probably take a little bit longer to “shift gears” away from the type of counterinsurgency fighting that now occupies the Army.

Casey said his usual rule for how long it would take the Army to gear up for a new “conventional” war is about 90 days. But he says that doesn’t mean it would take 90 days for the U.S. to effectively fight the North’s million-man army.


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Gitmo Video

Posted by Casey on May 28, 2009

Everyone has been reposting this video. So it is kind of obligatory … enjoy.

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Taliban: ‘If We Now Kill Schoolgirls, You Shouldn’t Be Surprised’

Posted by Casey on May 28, 2009

A letter posted by the Taliban threatening violence on girls who attend school.

A letter posted by the Taliban threatening violence on girls who attend school.

They aren’t even trying to hide the fact that they murder children anymore. The Taliban used to blame us for any youth deaths, but we all knew (well, the sane among us knew) that it was the Taliban murdering children.

Spiegal Online:

Responding to threats from the Taliban, at least 10 girls’ schools have shut down near Kunduz in northern Afghanistan. Visiting the schools is a dangerous proposition — a trip leading directly into the heart of Islamist territory.

When the deputy director of Aqtash High School talks of the government, he isn’t referring to Hamid Karzai’s central government in Kabul. Nor does he refer to the provincial administration in Kunduz. “The Taliban are our government,” Bashir says. “They have taken over our region, their commanders give the orders here.”

Bashir is standing in a dusty classroom on the ground floor of his modern school, roughly half an hour from Kunduz by car. As recently as just one month ago, he says, some 400 girls were still coming to the school in three daily shifts to learn reading, writing and arithmetic. Figures and formula are still scrawled across the blackboard.

But now, the girls’ classrooms have been left to deteriorate. The desks and chairs are still laid out in neat rows, but a film of dust has collected, and Bashir stands helplessly in the middle of the room. “Parents in Aqtash are afraid to send their girls to school anymore, after the death threats,” he explains.

Still waiting for the feminist movement to get behind our efforts in Afghanistan. Yep … still waiting.

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Veteran Wakes Up On Memorial Day To See Someone Burned His Flag

Posted by Casey on May 27, 2009

Earlier I posted about the Texas woman who was forced to take down her “offensive” American flag she displayed for Memorial Day. She is also a blue star mother.

Today I noticed a story in my local news about a veteran who woke up on Memorial Day to find that his flag had been burned by a vandal.

It’s one Las Vegas man’s yearly Memorial Day tradition: flying his American flag. But what Charles Husband discovered early Sunday morning shocked and saddened him. The flag he so proudly displayed had been burned.

Since we brought you this story Sunday, several veterans came forward to donate their flags.

“I didn’t see it waving,” Husband explains. “I looked and it was burnt.”

It was a bad case of vandalism which turned into patriotism. “It symbolizes America – how beautiful it is,” said Husband.

When word got out that Charles Husband’s flag had been burned, veterans like Jeff Durbin were watching and took action. “I went on the website. I started looking for companies (that would) deliver (to him) rapidly… good quality.”

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(Video) If Card Check Has Confused You, You Need To See This Video

Posted by Casey on May 27, 2009

There is a lot of misinformation out there about card check.  The one question I would ask union supporters is why would the union not support showing your ID for political elections, but want you to show your ID during union elections?  There is clear hypocrisy there.

NPRI has a great post on their new blog about it with a few videos explaining exactly what card check means, and what will happen if passed.

NPRI’s post has a couple more videos that are shorter, and more humor based.  Including a video from a former union organizer explaining exactly why unions want this passed.  Check it out here.

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Woman Forced To Take Down “Offensive” American Flag For Memorial Day

Posted by Casey on May 27, 2009


A Texas woman put up an American flag for Memorial Day, and was told to remove it because it was offensive to a coworker.

Debbie McLucas is one of four hospital supervisors at Kindred Hospital in Mansfield. Last week, she hung a three-by-five foot American flag in the office she shares with the other supervisors.

When McLucas came to work Friday, her boss told her another supervisor had found her flag offensive. “I was just totally speechless. I was like, ‘You’re kidding me,'” McLucas said.

McLucas’ husband and sons are former military men. Her daughter is currently serving in Iraq as a combat medic.

Stifling a cry, McLucas said, “I just wonder if all those young men and women over there are really doing this for nothing.”

McLucas said the supervisor who complained has been in the United States for 14 years and is formerly from Africa. McLucas said the supervisor took down Debbie’s flag herself.

“The flag and the pole had been placed on the floor,” McLucas said. But McLucas also said hospital higher ups had told her some patients’ families and visitors had also complained.

“I was told it wouldn’t matter if it was only one person,” she said. “It would have to come down.”


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Jose Canseco Got His Ass Kicked By Korean Kickboxer

Posted by Casey on May 27, 2009

Sooner or later, former professional sports athletes are going to have to realize that they are not the athletes MMA fighters are.  This includes boxers by the way.  Unless they’ve been involved in martial arts for a good portion of their life, they step in with MMA fighters and lose … quickly.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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Watch here …

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Memorial Day

Posted by Casey on May 24, 2009

Love them, honor them, remember them.


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Obama’s Wealthy Donars Are Starting To Get Pissed

Posted by Casey on May 20, 2009

I don’t know, I guess they thought Obama was just kidding or something.

Wealthy Wall Street financiers and other business figures provided crucial support for Mr Obama during the election, backing him over the Republican candidate John McCain as the right leader to rescue the collapsing US economy.

But it is now dawning on many among them that Mr Obama was serious about his campaign trail promises to bring root and branch reform to corporate America – and that they were more than just election rhetoric.

A top Obama fundraiser and hedge fund manager said: “I’m appalled at the anti-Wall Street rhetoric. It was OK on the campaign but now it’s the real world. I’m surprised that Obama is turning out to be so left-wing. He’s a real class warrior.”

The best part of the article is when they start talking about congressional Democrats getting very nervous about his anti-charity stance. Give it a read.

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The Comprehensive Link List Disproving Man-Made Global Warming

Posted by Casey on May 19, 2009

An icebreaker navigates through young (1 year ...
Image via Wikipedia

I’ve had a ton of requests for more global warming information. I don’t focus on it as much as I did at the previous site, but I’ve started a link list to help you find global warming info quickly. I’m avoiding blog posts in the links wherever possible to maintain its integrity, but many blogs have helped in my research … especially GatewayPundit.

While I know man-made global warming to be a myth, Earth was warming for nearly a century due to natural cycles. That warming trend has ended for now, and we are currently cooling. Cooling, by the way is far more dire.

This information is not intended to be an attack on clean technology, or anti-pollution measures. We’ll take those issues on an individual basis, because some are good suggestions while others are asinine.

Please enjoy, and feel free to contribute to the list in the comments.

UPDATE ADDED December 2009

— Rather than post all links associated with Climategate, do a simple search for Climategate via your preferred search engine.  Some of the links associated with Hadley falsifying global warming data will be contained within this list. However, the scandal is so massive it deserves it’s own list.

Sea Ice Ends Year at Same Level as 1979

Oceans are cooling

Sea Ice Growing at Fastest Pace on Record

Greenland’s glaciers are stabilizing

Alaskan glaciers are advancing

Temperatures in 2007 dropped to 1983 levels

NASA says the sun is causing climate change

The other planets in our solar system warmed up too … because of the sun

Scientists say Earth temperature naturally seasaws

Global warming may have killed dinosaurs

ABC News also cites the sun as the primary cause of warming

MIT scientists get death threats for saying man made warming a crock

The international agencies responsible for monitoring atmospheric temperatures all report enough cooling in one year to erase the last 100 of warming

Scientists are ‘baffled’ at the cooling trend

We’ve been wrong about climate change before

US doing better than Kyoto countries at reducing emissions

Kyoto countries emissions soar

Guyana slams Kyoto carbon credit scam

Kyoto destroying rainforests

Follow the money and you’ll start to understand global warming

Less than half of published scientist support man made global warming theory

Polar bear populations are increasing … not decreasing

More about polar bear population increasing

Global cooling is killing sea otters though

Antarctic ice caps are growing

Extreme weather events are becoming less frequent

Iraq gets first snow in a century

Jerusalem rare snow fall

China has coldest winter in 100 years

Pakistan, worst in 70 years

Tajikistan, worst in 25 years

Mumbai, India has lowest temperature ever

Wisconsin breaks all kinds of snowfall records

Turkey does too

Longest cold spell in Vietnam’s history

North America gets most snow since 1966

Australia has coldest summer in 50 years … yes, summer

Canadians are killing themselves because of record snowfall

The coming ice age

In 1998 15,000 scientists protested against global warming myth

650 scientists dissent over man made global warming … including Nobel Prize winner (key quote: “Since I am no longer affiliated with any organization nor receiving any funding, I can speak quite frankly….As a scientist I remain skeptical.” – Atmospheric Scientist Dr. Joanne Simpson)

Nearly 32,000 scientists have signed the global warming petition to reject man made global warming

Termites responsible for most methane production

Then there is this informative video

This list is ever growing, and changing. There is too much to put into one page, but we’ll try to get the most concise links to provide evidence to argue against man-made global warming.

If you have a suggestion to add to the site, please feel free to let me know.


Record low temps in 31 states for July

Parts of Michigan up to 7 degrees below previous records

3000 record low temps set in July.

US government caught manipulating climate data for their own purposes

UPDATE ADDED August 24, 2009

Drop in world temperatures fuels global warming debate

UPDATE ADDED October 12, 2009

Government funded research unit destroyed original climate data

UPDATE ADDED January 3, 2010

I’ve been negligent in my updating of this site due to other obligations. Below are several links that should have been added to this list a long time ago. Thanks for your continued support.

Global warming hysteria has negative mental health impact

Most Americans don’t believe in man-made global warming

Study shows past warming illustrates gaps in climate knowledge

African nations rebelling against climate change being used to perpetuate slavery

US Northeast may have coldest winter in decades

All-time low temperatures in Bavaria

Fresh warnings on climate overstatement

Al Gore to become first carbon billioniare

Ian Plimer: CO2 not causing global warming

Climategate just got MUCH bigger

Junk scientists delete data that proved Earth was cooling

UN climate change guru is highly financially dependent upon man-made global warming

NASA: the sun’s quiet activity is cooling the Earth

Once in a generation cold snap in NC

Britain facing coldest winter in 100 years

Unusually cold weather kills people in Asia

Emails prove global warming fraud and conspiracy (Climategate)

The world faces ‘arctic’ weather

Iowa at 30 below normal

4 years of excessive cold threatening survival for Peru’s mountain people

Beijing fights record cold

UPDATE ADDED January 21, 2010

IPCC caught in another climate change lie, and the ‘top climate scientist’ there has no climate science credentials

Judicial Watch uncovers NASA documents relating to climate change

Florida dealing with worst chill in decades

Seoul has worst snowfall in 70 years

Miami coldest in a decade

Nuclear plant in NJ slows operations due to unusually heavy ice

Record snow and arctic winds chill the south

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