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So, How Do You Take A Dump In Space?

Posted by Casey on June 27, 2008

Now I wish upon a star …

If you have problems with the player, you can watch the NASA guy tell you how they keep crap from floating around at this link.

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Parents Of Child Found Dead After Being Left In Car For 17 Hours Finally Arrested.

Posted by Casey on June 25, 2008

As one of you pointed out, the Rimers were arrested and charged with second degree murder today. They also face several other charges in connection with the death of Jason, and the treatment of their other children.

You can read the previous post here.

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Obama Plays The Race Card By Saying McCain Will Play The Race Card … Proves He’s Still A Racist.

Posted by Casey on June 21, 2008

This is pretty pathetic anyway you cut it.

Not only does Obama say their campaign will try to make us afraid of him because of his age, name, and inexperience … but they’ll try to make us afraid of him because he’s black. Sure sounds like black value system garbage to me.

However, Blitzer is even more pathetic. He has three people on his program, all liberals, to say how true this is. They also said that this sort of filth attacking Obama’s race is out there right now, and Obama is telling the truth to expect his race to be attacked by Republicans. WTF!?

The only people out there attacking Obama’s race are small fringe groups … like the Ron Paul supporters over at Stormwatch. There is no concerted effort by Republicans or conservatives to attack Obama’s race, and the assertion of such is itself somewhat racist. The general campaign is just beginning and we already have major news networks saying Obama isn’t going to get a fair shake because evil Republicans will make you afraid of Obama’s blackness.

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Poll: Is It Possible To Accidentally Leave A 4 Year Old Child In A Car For 17 Hours?

Posted by Casey on June 14, 2008

Take the polls to your left in the left sidebar … read the background right below.

Here in Las Vegas we have a tragic story about a 4 year old child that was forgotten in the families SUV for 17 hours … from 2:30pm-8:30am. Unfortunately, little Jason died.

The media was taking the stance that this was yet another tragic accident until AM 840 KXNT’s afternoon hosts cried fowl play. Suddenly, the media cover changed drastically. Up until that point the father had only given one radio interview that same morning, and no one else in local media called it a possible homicide. You can listen to the father’s responses to questions about how this could have happened here. I would like to point out that this was the next day after Jason was found dead, and the family already had a trust set up in Jason’s name. More on that later.

The interview is extremely telling, but this isn’t about my opinion … it’s about yours.

The father, Stan Rimer, said Jason’s death was a “tragic mistake.” When he was asked how he didn’t know his son was missing Rimer replied with:

“No one ever said anybody was missing or anything. We usually keep Sundays a quiet day, and one got away from us.”

He was then asked how the boy was overlooked at dinner time.

“They usually go in and grab for themselves, and nobody ever mentioned Jason not coming to the table,” Rimer said.

In the family of eight, Rimer said the older brother usually watches out for the younger ones.

“He generally will tell us anything that’s wrong. I trusted that he saw all them. And it never crossed my mind we had one dying in the car,” Rimer said.

Rimer said they’re all devastated, and they hope people understand no one intended for this to happen.

“I want everybody to look at all the good things that we’ve done for 21 years for our kids,” he said.

There were at least three calls to Child Protective Services before this incident.

The family said they believe those were from their estranged daughter.

No one said anything? No one is responsible for feeding a 4 year old child? The 14 year old son was responsible for all of this? Perhaps the estranged daughter was trying to warn everyone when she called CPS three times. I’m curious as to why she is estranged, but no media outlet has been able to track her down yet. Even if you assume that the boy could have gone unnoticed for the whole day … someone prepares this child’s dinner every night. Four year olds don’t make their own dinner, and yet no one noticed? How about when he was supposed to take a bath, brush his teeth, say his nightly prayers (family is religious), and be tucked into bed? Is the father saying that they don’t monitor any of that? What kind of parent doesn’t check on their child before bed, and say good night?

The family was also denied getting their other children back on Wednesday by a family court, but will have another chance on Monday.

Here’s the family spokesman on the case:

“It’s a tragic accident. It could happen to anyone,” Rimer family spokesman Michael Gonzalez said Wednesday morning outside Family Court.

Gonzalez said the home was in a state of disarray when the family came home from church about 2:30 p.m. Sunday.

The family was having carpets cleaned, and all of the beds and mattresses were propped against the walls.

He said the family members slept “campstyle” around the television that night as the youngest son remained in the family’s sport utility vehicle in the driveway.

If you ask me … the spokesman just confirmed my suspicions. First of all, this couldn’t happen to anyone as he claimed. I personally can’t fathom forgetting a child for a few minutes let alone 17 hours. Second, all of the carpet cleaning in the world is no excuse to lose track of your kids. I would also like to point out that CPS took the other children based on the house being a dirty mess. I’m willing to bet that CPS knows the difference between a dirty house, and one that is waiting for the carpet guy. Even the family’s spokesman said the house was dirty.

“With seven kids in the house, how could you not be messy?” Gonzalez said.

Finally, the nail in the coffin, the family sat “campfire style” around the TV that night. Can anyone explain how it’s possible to have the whole family sitting around the TV “campfire style” without noticing that you are short your youngest child?

There is also another twist in the case. The family is disputing that Jason was a disabled child. The problem is that several family friends from their church spoke to the media the day Jason was found dead, and said he had mental disabilities. The family spokesman even jumped onto the comments section of one of the media reports to say that Jason wasn’t disabled, and that he didn’t know where “Jerry Springer” comments like that came from. Well Mr. Gonzalez, they came from the family’s friends and neighbors.

Neighbors who didn’t want to give their names said Jason was in a wheelchair every time they saw him.

But Gonzalez said while Jason did have a learning and developmental disability, he never used a wheelchair and required no special needs.

Now why would neighbors say Jason was usually in a wheelchair if he was never in one, and why would churchgoing friends of the Rimers say Jason was mentally disabled?

The father and spokesman have promised an exclusive sit down interview with AM 840 KXNT when things “settle down.” We’ll know more about their stance then.

In the meantime, I figured I would put together two polls asking you guys what you think. Is it possible to forget a 4 year old child in a car for 17 hours? And what punishment should the parents face, if any, in your opinion. Both polls are at the top left of this website in the left sidebar.

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