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Just A Little More Evidence That Saddam Did Have Extensive Ties To Terrorism.

Posted by Casey on March 21, 2008

Only the worst kind of idiot thinks that Saddam had no ties to terrorism, or al Qaeda. I have covered this topic extensively on my show (more so than any other talk show host), and on my other blog before I moved here. Even if you are gullible enough to believe that no WMD’s were found, even after Duelfer told you how extensive Saddam’s programs were (see ‘quotes you should know’ on top right of this page), no media outlet has ever denied Saddam’s ties to terrorists. Yet there are still a bunch of simpletons out there who think Saddam never assisted terrorists in their anti-American efforts.

I will not rehash it all here because it has been exquisitely done in two posts over at PM. Read this post first, and then read this post.


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  1. […] as it has been confirmed dozens of times. I even wrote about some of the terrorist ties Saddam had here. Saddam did have a tentative relationship with al Qaeda, but it was not extensive. Just so we are […]

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