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Michael Jackson Fans Will Stop At Nothing To Falsely Clear His Name.

Posted by Casey on July 7, 2009

Do a Google search for “Jordan Chandler admits he lied” and see what you get. Page after page after page of posts rehashing the same exact story that Jordan Chandler has admitted that Michael Jackson was innocent, and never assaulted him as a child.

Allow me to provide you with proof.

jackson page 1

And page two of the Google results.

jackson page 2

Notice anything strange about this MASSIVE news? Not one legitimate news source … only blogs and the like. There is no news coverage of this breaking news at all, and some of the posts are right after Jackson died. Still no coverage.

It is obviously a hoax, but is a great experiment in how far people will go to slander someone else to defend ‘their guy.’ It is also a very sad commentary on society to see how many idiots fell for this garbage by clicking through the sites and reading the comments.

Instantly upon MJ’s death someone felt the need to write this tripe, and spread it around the internet in an effort slander Jordan Chandler while clearing MJ. Furthermore, sad little people so caught up in their false idolizing went forth like the lambs they are, and spread this filth around as fact. Proof MJ was innocent, and ammo to ferociously defend MJ as a man who was set up.

How utterly pathetic.

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12 Responses to “Michael Jackson Fans Will Stop At Nothing To Falsely Clear His Name.”

  1. Andrew Heckle said

    A girl in my class fell for that. If there were credible sources it would have been posted all over the newspapers

  2. KD said

    I don’t believe it, either, but read the MJ entries on Wikipedia for the FACTS in the two cases against him.

  3. Kristie said

    Well, I certainly wouldn’t generalize all MJ fans, but obviously someone cooked up this story. It is true that a lot of people have fallen for it. But that’s generally how it goes in our society, if something is told and it’s juicy enough, people will tend to believe it more than the truth.

    We see plenty of examples of it in our society, and even on the other side of the coin pertaining to Michael Jackson. Just look at how many people fell for (and still do)the whole “he’s a child molester” thing, how people ate it up, sensationalized it, and ran with it up to this very day. From all of this, I think it might be a fair assumption to say that slandering MJ’s name has reached the point that it’s considered almost “okay” to do it. One wouldn’t need to look any further than the tribute sites on facebook for Michael which are trying to honour the fallen star, yet the fan pages are ripe with personal attacks on the man, even after his death. What a sad state of affairs.

    • Host said

      I don’t think any “fell for” the child molester thing. He openly admitted to sharing his bed with children which is a best highly inappropriate and suspect. He also paid tens of millions of dollars to silence one of his accusers. You don’t pay money to silence someone when the damage has already been done to your reputation … unless you have something to hide. If it were an average everyday person that admitted to sleeping with children as MJ did … we’d have an angry mob with pitchforks chasing after them.

      • Lizzy said

        Also take the time to read my comment further below please. As for the sleeping in the same bed, or in the same room, that does not qualify as child molestation. Plus he comes from a working-class black family where adults sleeping in the same bed with children was normal. He saw it as a beautiful hospitable act to offer his bed to a guest, because that’s how he was raised. He has memories of his mom letting fx. bleeding strangers in need in the house and letting them stay. The majority of children that slept over at his house were not even sleeping in the same bed as Michael. Michael would usually sleep on the floor or not even be in the room. It was often underpriveleged or sick children that he let stay at the house, or kids that suffered from home problems like neglect from their parents. He was there as friend to 1000s of kids throughout his life time, and a couple of them turned out to be backstabbers manipulated by their parents.
        He slept in the same bed with some of his closest kiddie friends like Macaulley Culkin, but Culkin would insist that it was nothing sexual AT ALL – far from it – sharing the bed consisted of watching tv in pyjamas, pillow fights and SLEEP. No touching or spooning going on as many people automatically picture in their perverted minds. – And others who have shared the same bed with him have given the same informtion. The media twisted his words around, blew everything out of proportion and made it look like something sexual. In the case that he was trialed for, he had never even slept in the same bed as the accuser, he had slept on the floor.

        Please read my comment below which is generally addressed everybody (especially the condemners) and includes websites with detailed information on all the cases, that has been generally ignored in the media. Many have changed their minds after doing a bit of research.

  4. Kristie said

    I see what you mean, but then again, if Elizabeth Taylor admitted to sharing her bed with children no one would have said anything, but since we (well…the media) have had a field day with Michael (even prior to the 1993 allegation) with everything from his looks to his Neverland Ranch, we tend to be more willing to accept that Michael might have molested these kids. Interestingly, we have cross cultural examples where sharing your bed with children isn’t interpreted as a suspicion of molestation. In Western culture, you’re right…for the most part it’s seen as inappropriate, but that doesn’t mean we’re right. It’s just our culture’s interpretation.

    I think the most challenging part of this is, as hard as it is for our culture to wrap our heads around the possibility that he didn’t molest the kids who were sleeping in his bed with him, that he might very well have been a guy with a big heart who missed out on his childhood and just wanted to do something nice. I know that sounds really gay, especially in these times cuz it’s cool to be bad-ass, but it’s not like Michael had an everyday childhood. We’ve heard everyone say it, maybe he really was just a big kid at heart. And I think it would be a big leap for anyone to use that as a platform to explain why or how he molested anyone.

    Perhaps more importantly, the charges brought against him didn’t amount to anything. I know of the kid you’re speaking of, the one who got paid millions. For the record, it was Michael’s insurance company that paid the kid, amidst the protest of Michael and his legal team. But then again, you’ll never see that on CNN.

    Much like everyone else, I had my doubts about Michael when I first heard about all of this molestation stuff. I’m not a huge Michael fan either. I had “Thriller” like everyone else on my block, but that’s all the Michael stuff I owned. For whatever reason, maybe to satisfy my curiosity, I researched everything I possibly could from the 1993 accuser right up until the last trial where he was found not guilty. It took me about 3 and a half months to really dig stuff up. All I’ll say is this, if someone actually takes the time to read through all of the stuff (transcripts, interviews) and is willing to pay attention to a little bit of court/law proceedings, and especially willing to look at the accusers, there’s just no way it happened. There’s just a lot more involved than we heard from CNN and other news outlets.

  5. Lizzy said

    I don’t believe Jordan would admit to something like that, because he would be sued by the Jackson family for all the money that he made on Jackson. Although, if there’s any purity left in his heart and honor for the true friend and person that MJ was then maybe one day he won’t care about the money and confess to the lies. It’s true that some fans defend Michael Jackson blindly, without researching what actually went on. But many devoted fans have done a lot of research on the cases against him and can put up a fair and reasonnable defense, just like many non-fans that have done the research on the cases, and retrieved all the backround information on each case –

    But it seems that those who are condemning MJ even in his death, are the most lazy and careless to seek the truth – their general arguments are full of misconceptions, false information, very shallow, superficial knowledge of the cases against MJ, plus the twisting of Michael’s words and other information (fx. “sharing your bed with someone” or “offering your bed” in the hospitable, charitble sense becomes “sleeping with little boys” in a sexual sense when pervertedly twisted by those who condemn him and that have made up their mind about Jackson based on media distortions of truth. Because it’s easy for them to believe that MJ is a pedophile, and that it is “the most logical explanation”, they think they are the most clear- headed in their judgement, and that the fans must be blind sheep not to see it. An in-depth research will help them to see crucial evidence that these accusing families were manipulative extortionists with a scheme. This evidence has been ignored or only lightly touched on in the media. Their is a lot of objective reading out there about the accusations and cases against Michael, relevant backround information on the accusing families which many people seem to ignore (fx. father’s use of hypnotic drug on the child in order to force-feed a confession, one parent’s history of extortion, fraud, perjury, con artistry and rehearsing their children to lie – All the information is out there, but it’s not these kind of objective accounts and case reports that make the headlines and sell tabloid news, so people are going to have to lift their finger and do a little research themselves if they want to get an educated idea about MJ’s innocense vs. guilt. People that have read all the information that is provided on these cases, ALL the information – not just the testimonies and disgusting stories – have changed their minds from thinking “He’s guilty as hell” to “This puts things into perspective, although he had an eccentric way of living, perhaps he was innocent, and these accusers saw him as an easy target for extortion” Below are some websites that are really worth taking a look at before you judge MJ. And there’s more if people care to seek the truth. For example Wikipedia gives a fair account of the cases.

    “Was Michael Jackson Framed?”

    I wish the haters and condemners would spend some time on seeking the WHOLE truth instead of assuming that it must be the fans that have it all wrong because their blinded by their idolization and glorification of the guy. It’s true that many fans automatically deny any negative thing about Michael without looking in to the matter (mostly young ones who are in a state of fanatic admiration). But other fans that have followed his career for years and years, perhaps believe that his defense is to be found in the account of the WHOLE truth, the full story, including all the details, all the research, the whole backround information of the cases – and so they embark a quest to find all this information and research it – they read as much as they can from as many different sources as possible (reliable sources – not tabloid junk) Those of us are not blind – we are seeking the truth about our idol and ready to examine it – unlike many of those people that have made up their minds about MJ’s guilt.

    Michael Jackson was trialed and acquitted of all charges of child molestation – and for a good reason! Search it. It’s amazing how many people believe that the jury got it wrong without even examining the court reports themselves – from beginning to end – just like the jurors had to – Not just the testimonies of the kids. The kids have been proved to be manipulated by their parents, and one kid (Jason Francia) even by the police authorities that force-fed a confession to him by using the method “It’s okay to lie if you want to catch a criminal”.
    Those who care to see how and why this manipulation took place can lift a finger and search it -google it. That’s what the internet is for. The questionable accusations have been made by 3 kids: Jordan Chandler, Jason Francia and Gavin Arviso. Use the search engines. See how it all unfolded.

    • annon said

      amazing post here, notice how no-one quoted it and people just ignored it…….speaks volumes doesn’t it.

  6. Teddi said

    So Bill O’Reilly, who said he never sexually harassed his victim yet paid her off actually DID sexually harass her; otherwise, why did he pay her off?

    • Host said

      Seems fair to state. Companies will frequently settle sexual harassment claims to make it go away … even if it isn’t true. It is another case altogether for rape though. That doesn’t remove O’Reilly from warranted suspicion.

      What I find most funny is that you seem to think you can wound me by providing a tit for tat argument with that turd O’Reilly. Who, frankly, is a left-leaning moderate dumbass. Sexual harassment is light years away from molestation.

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  8. will said

    Michael Jackson was a pedo. Everyone knows this. Stop acting like he was misunderstood.

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