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Twitter Censoring Conservatives

Posted by Casey on July 5, 2009

I’ve stumbled onto something here today. I was going to follow CNSNews.Com on Twitter, but was shown this image.

Twitter - Suspended_1246842526572

My ears instantly stood up. Why in the hell would a news service have their accounts suspended. CNS is little more than a Washington Post with a focus on stories important to conservatives. They aren’t known to peddle hate, conspiracy, or lies. After some tweeting with some media people I know we were able to track down CNSNews.Com’s Kevin Eder on Facebook to get some more info.

Twitter also suspended the MRC account and Kevin’s account along with the CNSNews account. After much speculation Kevin seems to think he’s figured it out.

Apparently it is against the rules to post content from different accounts simultaneously. I guess I’ll have to stop doing that (i’ve only done it once or twice…) if and when I get the accounts back. What a bummer.

You’ll notice the comments below that statement show great skepticism that this is the real reason for the suspension.

Perhaps conservatives are just too used to being the victims of censorship on social media sites, and are jumping to conclusions. Perhaps this is just another example of censorship of conservatives. It is hard to ignore that liberals get away with whatever they want on social media while conservatives are banned nearly instantly for the same activity.  Given that so many people actively post from simultaneous accounts on Twitter with no problems this seems highly suspect.

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2 Responses to “Twitter Censoring Conservatives”

  1. Kevin Eder said

    Hi there,

    There doesn’t appear to be anything bad going on here. News is coming out of Twitter that there are mass suspensions going on today…although nobody is sure why. Best to reserve judgement until we know.

    Kevin Eder


    • Kevin Eder said

      Good morning!

      Twitter accounts are back up and running. Thanks so much for your concern and help on this!

      Kevin Eder


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