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MMA Referee Slams Fighter

Posted by Casey on May 31, 2007

I’m a big mma fan, and trained a little with the Gracie family in the military. I ran into this vid of a ref slamming an mma fighter, and couldn’t resist posting it.

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Here We Go Again … New League To Rival NFL

Posted by Casey on May 31, 2007

I was a regular at the XFL games here in Vegas as I supported my Outlaws. My face paint got me on more than one XFL publication, and I even met Stephanie McMahon when she interviewed me. McMahon himself said the XFL would have been a success if all the fans were like the fans in Vegas. Then again, we are pro-sports crazed here because we don’t have a pro team, and we sold the games out.

Now it looks like Vegas will get another chance to prove it’s football love in another league to compete with the NFL.

Review Journal:

Mark Cuban, the maverick owner of the NBA’s Dallas Mavericks, is one of the key figures in an effort to create a new professional football league that would place a team in Las Vegas.

In fact, according to a New York Times article, Cuban might become the owner of the Las Vegas franchise, which could start playing preseason games in August 2008.

The article said Las Vegas, Los Angeles and Mexico City already have been selected for the potential eight-team United Football League, which would play on Friday nights. The UFL’s plan is to move into cities where NFL teams do not exist.

We have a huge debate in Vegas about getting a pro team of any sport, and the NFL refuses to come here because of the gambling in spite of the football loyalty here. Many Las Vegans don’t want a pro team now because of the NBA All Star fiasco we just experienced. There is great concern that the violence, and other criminal activity, we experienced then would be replicated constantly with a pro franchise.

Sam Boyd Stadium director Daren Libonati said:

“I wouldn’t be surprised that Las Vegas would be considered because of the great success with the XFL and with the Outlaws and the kind of numbers they did.”

See, I told you we packed the stadium. Every other city except Las Vegas struggled with their XFL teams. Hopefully, things will be different this time around. More and more fans are starting to watch NFL Europa and the Arena league is doing well also. Fans will never look to another league to replace the NFL, but that doesn’t mean there can’t be success.

The TV deal is what can kill the UFL. Due to the NFL being on virtually every network … they will have to rely on second rate stations to carry the games. I can envision decent success of the UFL (especially given that owners of pro teams will be involved), but I envision a marriage of the UFL and the NFL in the future. Rather than sending players to Europe to develop without any coverage … the NFL could enter into an agreement with the UFL to lend players for development. The UFL would be a perfect fit for a “minor league” to the NFL … potentially with NFL teams sponsoring UFL teams such as we have in MLB.

For me it’s the more football, the better. I hope we can get the UFL off the ground so Las Vegas fans can once again show the NFL how stupid they are by refusing to bring a team here.

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US General Dispels Myths About Iraq

Posted by Casey on May 30, 2007

No major media coverage, no congressmen, no presidential candidates have said a damn word about this. Every time the military speaks, and outlines the lies of Iraq, they are ignored. Unless they hate Bush, of course.

Army Brig. Gen. Steven Anderson, deputy chief of staff for resources and sustainment, outlined 10 myths of Iraq in order to inform the public as to the truth.

American Forces Press:

A U.S. general serving with Multinational Force Iraq recently took time out of his mid-deployment leave to let the American public know that the situation in Iraq is different from what they might think.

“There are some signs that our new strategy is working,” Anderson said in a teleconference from Baghdad. “It’s going to be a long, hot summer, and it won’t be really until the end of it that we’ll be able to evaluate it. There is plenty of opportunity, and plenty of reason to be cautiously optimistic about what’s going on over there.”

The 10 myths, as outlined by Anderson, are:

— The war in Iraq is about oil;

— The U.S. is fighting alone in Iraq;

— Iraq is engulfed in a full-scale civil war;

— The Iraqis were better off under Saddam Hussein than under the new government;

— The Iraqi government is ineffective;

— Economic development is non-existent in Iraq;

— Contractors cost the U.S. government too much money;

— U.S. troops aren’t properly equipped;

— Morale is low among U.S. troops; and

— The U.S. has lost in Iraq.

None of these myths is true, Anderson said, and the situation in Iraq is much better than is often reported here.

Anyone who actually talks to the troops, or embeds themselves during combat operations already knows this. The rest of you are so far in the dark that plasma could shed any light on you.

The United States is not alone in the fight, Anderson said. About 32 countries are contributing troops to the fight in Iraq, and about 40 countries are providing contractors and logistics support.

The original coalition for Iraqi Freedom was larger than the coalition for the first gulf war, and it continues to be so. The first gulf war was a coalition of about 30 countries, and we still have a coalition of 32 in Iraq now.

While violence levels in Iraq still are unacceptable, the situation is not a full-scale civil war, Anderson said. The fight involves religious extremists on the fringe and does not involve large-scale force-on-force combat, he pointed out.

Duh! Only a tard could believe that this is a civil war. To call Iraq a civil war is exactly like saying the US is in a civil war because the Bloods and Crips are fighting. There’s no difference … other than gang violence in the US takes more lives.

The General had lots to say … well worth your time.

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ACLU Sues Aerospace Company For Torture

Posted by Casey on May 30, 2007

This is rich. The ACLU is going sue happy again, and suing any private company that has ever been affiliated with the CIA. The ACLU is claiming this company is guilty of torturing terrorist suspects. Well, not really torturing the suspects themselves, but rather helping the CIA do it.


CBS affiliate KPIX in San Francisco is reporting that a SPeace activists allege Jeppesen International Trip Planning organized secret “extraordinary rendition” flights for terrorism suspects on behalf of the CIA, usually to countries that practiced torture.

An ACLU spokesman in New York confirmed that a lawsuit will be filed in federal court in Northern California against “an aerospace company,” however the spokeswoman would not name the company pending a teleconference on Tuesday morning.

Basically, the ACLU is saying that the aerospace company is guilty of allowing the CIA to torture suspects on their planes, or by flying suspects to places where they may be tortured.

It’s guilty by association. The company never carried out any torture themselves, but because they were contracted by the CIA … they are guilty of it anyway. Since the ACLU hasn’t been able to get a torture conviction in their lawsuits against the US … they’ll go after private companies that do business with the US now.

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School Bus Crash Outside Batavia

Posted by Casey on May 30, 2007

This is one of my pet issues on my show, and I’ll usually tell everyone about school bus accidents. My purpose, to get seat belts on every school bus. Compartmentalization (which turns your child into a projectile) has proven itself to be far inferior to seat belts. The cost of seat belts on buses is low, could easily be phased in, and have proven to improve safety, and behavior of children in the districts they are used. There is no reasonable argument against them.

One of the arguments I did receive was how big, and safe a bus is. Given the recent collisions involving buses and similar sized vehicles … that argument is trash. SUV’s easily overturn school buses as well, and we’ve seen that a couple dozen times this year.

Yet another argument was that the drivers were so well trained that the likelihood of an accident was minute. I have a relative who drives a school bus, and family friends who drive school buses … all say the same thing: “We may be trained, but other drivers aren’t.” If someone else makes a mistake and slams into the bus … there is little the bus driver can do.

After becoming annoyed that the media was not reporting school bus accidents … I began to. The first year I was on the radio I averaged one school bus accident a week in the US, but you would have never known about it with the lack of media coverage. Many involved deaths, and serious injuries that were all preventable had the children had seat belts.

Today, a small bus crashed with a dump truck. While many small buses do have seat belts for special needs kids it proves that accidents happen no matter how well trained a driver is.

I don’t know if this bus has belts, but several people went to the hospital … some by helicopter.

You can go to the NCSPS website for more info on bus accidents.

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Should The TB Man Be Prosecuted For Terrorism?

Posted by Casey on May 30, 2007

With the world so focussed on terrorist activities, and average citizens finally doing their part to report suspicious people, we are going to face some tough decisions on what we will prosecute as terrorism.

One of the few justifiable arguments against the Patriot Act is that normal crimes may become a terrorist crime due to interpretation, and US law has been trending towards making minor disturbances felonies rather than simple warnings as they were in the past. I wrote about that trend here.

Which brings me to this case of the guy with a rare, advanced form of tuberculosis flying around the world.

We have been concerned about bioterrorism in the US for quite some time. This fear was realized with the anthrax attacks after 9/11 which had Americans petrified of opening their mail. Of the known bioterrorism agents out there, smallpox is of the greatest concern to authorities. Tuberculosis isn’t on the list of bio-agents, but many have been clamoring for TB to be included amongst the threats. It seems they will be able to get some traction due to this case.


A man with a form of tuberculosis so dangerous he is under the first U.S. government-ordered quarantine since 1963 had health officials around the world scrambling Wednesday to find passengers who sat near him on two trans-Atlantic flights.

The man told a newspaper he took the first flight from Atlanta to Europe for his wedding, then the second flight home because he feared he might die without treatment in the U.S.

At first glance it seems that maybe this wasn’t a big deal. Many people do their best to get back to the US for medical treatment. It does show that he was aware of his illness, however, and still chose to fly around the world.

Health officials said the man had been advised not to fly and knew he could expose others when he boarded the jets from Atlanta to Paris, and later from Prague to Montreal.

The man, however, told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution that doctors didn’t order him not to fly and only suggested he put off his long-planned wedding in Greece. He knew he had a form of tuberculosis and that it was resistant to first-line drugs, but he didn’t realize it could be so dangerous, he said.

So health officials are saying this guy was told to not fly, and that he was fully aware of possible exposure to other people. A claim he refutes.

I am leaning towards the health official’s story because the man said he rushed home because he feared he would die without American medical treatment. Clearly he knew his illness was dangerous. Besides, when you get sick you run home and research your illness as much as possible, and we all know the dangers of TB. I find it near impossible for this guy to plead ignorance here.

His blunders would continue …

He flew to Paris on May 12 aboard Air France Flight 385. While in Europe, health authorities reached him with the news that further tests had revealed his TB was a rare, “extensively drug-resistant” form, far more dangerous than he knew. They ordered him into isolation, saying he should turn himself over to Italian officials.

Instead, the man flew from Prague to Montreal on May 24 aboard Czech Air Flight 0104, then drove into the United States at Champlain, N.Y. He told the newspaper he was afraid that if he didn’t get back to the U.S., he wouldn’t get the treatment he needed to survive.

Now his claims of ignorance are completely out the window. Regular TB is dangerous enough to not fly, and he was contacted in Europe with the news that he had super TB. He was then advised to turn himself in, and go into isolation. An order he blatantly ignored.

Not only did he not go into isolation, he didn’t turn himself in, and after being told again to not fly … he flew into Canada after making stops in other countries. Then he drove from Canada to the US. Never adhering to the orders to go into isolation, and turn himself in.

Now the passengers and crews of the flights he took have to be tested several times until they are in the clear. So far nothing has turned up, but they have no way of knowing how many people he came in contact with while he was galavanting around Europe and Canada. The threat of the disease spreading has not gone away.

The CDC told him he couldn’t fly aboard commercial airliners.

“I thought to myself: You’re nuts. I wasn’t going to do that. They told me I had been put on the no-fly list and my passport was flagged,” the man said.

He told the newspaper he and his wife decided to sneak back into the U.S. through Canada. He said he voluntarily went to a New York hospital, then was flown by the CDC to Atlanta.

He is not facing prosecution, health officials said.

“I’m a very well-educated, successful, intelligent person,” he told the paper. “This is insane to me that I have an armed guard outside my door when I’ve cooperated with everything other than the whole solitary-confinement-in-Italy thing.”

So the CDC told him he couldn’t fly, but he thought they were nuts, and we are supposed to believe he’s intelligent? It would be hilarious that he is making the case that he has cooperated if it wasn’t such a dangerous situation. It is nice to know that he is facing prosecutions, but what kind?

Which brings me back to the original question … Should he be prosecuted for terrorism? It might seem a little extreme, but this guy was a walking, talking biological weapon. He also intentionally ignored advice to travel on two separate occasions, and he snuck into the US after he was put on the no fly list because of his disease. He may not understand why he’s under armed guard, but I do.

Many of you may correlate this case with deliberately infecting people with AIDS. I believe that to be attempted murder (murder if successful), but others have made the argument for that being a terrorist act. Clearly AIDS is an epidemic, and any successful biological attack would create an epidemic. The difference is that you must have contact to contract AIDS, but TB is spread through the air. The mere presence of this guy in any building, or outdoors, may lead to a massive epidemic.

Regardless of if you believe he should be charged with terrorism (which carries a light sentence anyway) we must agree that knowingly put thousands of people in danger. There can’t be a light sentence for his blatant disregard for human safety.

Take the poll below, and share your answers.

Should The TB Man Be Charged With Terrorism?
He should be charged with attempted murder
He should be charged with reckless endangerment
He should not be charged with anything free polls

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Vandals Deface Veteran’s Graves

Posted by Casey on May 29, 2007

97 veteran’s graves in Washington State were vandalized. Vandals replaced American flags on the graves of 14 veterans with swastika flags, removed 46 flags, and burned 33 other flags.

American Legion Post 93 doesn’t think it was just a prank, but an organized Nazi effort. The cops think it was just kids trying to “shock the community.”

In either case, I hope the perpetrators die in a fire.


Same thing happened near Philly, and Massachusetts.

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Hillary Endorses Socialism … Lies About Household Income

Posted by Casey on May 29, 2007

We all knew she was at best a Socialist, and at worst a full blown Commie … it’s just nice to hear her actually say it.


Presidential hopeful Hillary Rodham Clinton outlined a broad economic vision Tuesday, saying it’s time to replace an “on your own” society with one based on shared responsibility and prosperity.

Come on now … be honest with yourself … you know where this is going.

The Democratic senator said what the Bush administration touts as an ownership society really is an “on your own” society that has widened the gap between rich and poor.

“I prefer a ‘we’re all in it together’ society,” she said. “I believe our government can once again work for all Americans. It can promote the great American tradition of opportunity for all and special privileges for none.”

DING! First she endorsed ethnic cleansing in Iraq, and now she is endorsing Communism! You can’t ask for a better gift when you return from vacation than this.

“Special privileges for NONE.” That means she wants to take away money from those who work hard, and give it to those who don’t. A nice car, house, boat, clothes, vacations, etc. are all special privileges. She’s just told you point blank that she wants to take that away.

“We have sent a message to our young people that if you don’t go to college … that you’re thought less of in America. We have to stop this,” she said.

Not only that, but we’ve sent a message that if you hold degrees from two of the most prominent universities in the world … you’re a dunce. Hence the attacks on President Bush.

Clinton said she would open up CEO pay to greater public scrutiny.

Now this is funny. Is she going to allow people who are not invested in a company have a say over how much the CEO makes. There are already plenty of ways for a CEO’s pay to be scrutinized … by the shareholders, and that should never change.

Now here is a nasty spin/lie depending on how you see it.

In the last six years, productivity has increased, but family incomes have gone down, she said, leading to rising inequality and pessimism in the work force.

Now I get to beat her over the head with this one. You see, pay in the US has increased at a faster rate than productivity. That means we are getting paid more for doing less … period. That is a unanimous fact in the economics world people.

Martin Crutsinger (AP) wrote about this not too long ago in a piece titled “Productivity Growth Skids to Standstill” , and it refutes what Hillary is saying in her latest Communism is great speech.

Growth in productivity — the key ingredient for rising living standards — skidded to a standstill in the late summer while workers’ wages and benefits shot up at the fastest clip in more than two decades.

The combination of slowing productivity and rising wages was seen as a formula for inflation troubles down the road.

So our wages rose more than at any other time in the past 20 years while productivity remained stagnant. That’s not what Hillary was saying … was it?

Productivity, the amount of output per hour of work, showed no growth at all from July through September. Growth was just 1.3 percent over the past 12 months, the weakest showing in nine years.

The cost of wages and benefits measured by each unit of output grew at an annual rate of 3.8 percent in the third quarter.

Employee compensation climbed by 5.3 percent over the past year. That gain was the fastest since a 5.8 percent rise in the 12 months ending in the fourth quarter of 1982.

Technically, Hillary was right about productivity increasing, but she was way off on family income going down.

Higher wages and benefits are good news for workers. But such increases can trigger inflation if companies pass on the higher wage costs by making products more expensive.

Forget about the price of our goods going up for a minute. Let’s simply look at the companies. We all know for a fact that small business drives the US economy, or we all should. It’s not big business that drives it, but the little guy who is now paying his workers more money for doing less than they were doing (per dollar) a few years ago. Hardly seems fair. Companies are faced with two choices:

  1. Pay the higher wages by having their workers produce more … thus created higher profit margins.
  2. Pay the higher wages out of the profits from price increases without increasing productivity, and face scorn from shareholders.

Option 2 may ultimately lead to the company going overseas to get cheap labor, or folding altogether. You can’t have it both ways.

Maybe you don’t believe me. Fine. Hardly pro-big business Labor Radio says that the average income rose 8.6% from 2001-2006 (the same 6 years Hillary is talking about), but the average family income did decline from 2001-2004 by 3.6%.

You’ll notice that family income study is missing two years on it. That’s because household income has been growing the past two years as we recover from 9/11. The drop in household income is still easily explained without using 9/11 as an excuse.

You can’t have an 8% increase in individual pay, and still have a decline in family income unless you factor in another growing trend … women choosing to stay home with their kids is on the rise. While workers are earning more … the loss of a second income altogether would cause a decline. That’s the family’s choice, and is not a problem for government to rectify. Remember how I told you that household income has been on the rise the past two years? The US Census Bureau is the one saying the median household income is on the rise. Hillary didn’t mention that either.

Hillary also spoke of increases in education, universal health care, and more social programs in this same speech. All of this requires one thing … higher taxes. Something she neglected to mention as a cause of income problems. Not only has our personal income suffered due to increases in taxes the past 20 years, but she is proposing more tax hikes. Which will what? Take more money out of our paycheck. Meaning we will make less … not more.

We owe it to ourselves to be the type of society Hillary speaks of. We shouldn’t be selfish people. On that I agree with her, but what she is proposing is the ultimate in selfish. If we truly didn’t want to be a selfish society then we wouldn’t want those who make more money to give us handouts. To take from the haves and give to the have nots is selfish in its purest form.

Nor can we believe the words of someone who says they will raise taxes, and increase your pay. The bottom line is if Hillary gets the programs she desires … our taxes will go up, and more of our money will go directly to the government without us ever gazing upon it. It’s not the salary that counts … it’s the pay we take home that allows us to live our lives.

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Mexicans Boo Miss USA

Posted by Casey on May 29, 2007

I guess Mexicans aren’t just content with shouting Osama, booing our national anthem, and booing our soccer team. Now they are booing Miss USA.

Miss USA (Rachel Smith) has been booed repeatedly while in Mexico for the Miss Universe pageant … simply for being an American. I guess Mexico proved they weren’t ready for the world stage, and showed themselves to be the worst kind of hosts.

Miss USA was booed at a parade last week, the crowd drowned out her pageant answers by shouting “Mexico! Mexico!” After the chants she spoke to the crowd in Spanish … further proving her superiority over those in attendance. Miss USA was then booed again when she stepped on her dress, and fell during the evening gown portion of the pageant.

Miss Japan went on to win the crown, Mexico was humiliated on the world stage, and Miss USA placed 4th runner up while Miss Mexico placed several slots lower. This has brewed into a conspiracy in Mexico. They are saying it is proof that the US is favored in everything. Perhaps the Mexican immaturity did ingratiate Miss USA in the eyes of the judges causing her to place higher in the standings, but I doubt it.

For the record … Miss USA is way more hot than Miss Mexico. Here’s your proof …

Miss USA (Rachel Smith)

Miss Mexico (Rosa Maria Ojeda Cuen)

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The Rosie Cartoon: Part Deux

Posted by Casey on May 29, 2007

As everyone knows … my favorite subject is Rosie. I will talk about her antics for hours. Naturally, I go on vacation and the next big Rosie story explodes … leaving me sadly out of the loop. Well, I just couldn’t resist taking my own personal jab at Rosie on my first day back.

Most of you know my nickname for her (The Abominable Pumpkin Head), and many of you are fans of my first Rosie cartoon. The cartoons were a fun way for me to take cheap jabs at Rosie, and it gave me a chance to use my Photoshop while proving a point. I noticed that it would be extremely easy to make a strip comic of Rosie’s words, and it would be more entertaining than simply giving you a list of what she said. Please bare in mind that the Rosie cartoons are slightly humorous, but are simply meant to drive home a point.

Without further adew … I present The Rosie Cartoon: Part Deux

I hope you enjoyed it.

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