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I Utterly Reject The Term ‘Reverse Racism’

Posted by Casey on June 29, 2009

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Today we had a great ruling by the US Supreme Court in favor of 1 hispanic and 19 white firefighters. The were denied promotion because they were white, or at least … they weren’t black.

In the simplest terms possible that is what happened. They scored well on their promotion exam while the black firefighters scored poorly. Therefore, it would be wrong to promote them because they did so much better than the black firefighters. So the test results were thrown out. Nice huh?

While we could focus on numerous issues with this case, and I might in future posts, I want to pay special attention to the term used to describe this case by the MSM. That term is ‘reverse racism.’

What is reverse racism?

Try to find the definition in the dictionary (the real one), and it isn’t there. The term has been manufactured by our society in an effort to belittle white people … period, end of story.

Reverse racism is what they call it when white people are discriminated against based on race. Racism is when white people discriminate based on race. This leads to so many idiots perpetuating the pathetic myth that only white people can be racist. In the twisted new age definition of racism I suppose that would be true. However, the true definition of racism is pretty clear.

1 : a belief that race is the primary determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race

2 : racial prejudice or discrimination

Notice the dictionary makes no distinction who can, and can not, be racist? That would be the same dictionary that has no definition of reverse racist … just so know.

This brings me to my point. I utterly reject the term ‘reverse racism.’ It implies that only whites can be racist on a regular basis, and anytime they are discriminated against is so rare that a new term must be created. It’s all garbage, and any mature person knows that.

There is no such thing as reverse racism … it does not exist. There is only racism. Either you are the victim of it, or you aren’t.

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38 Responses to “I Utterly Reject The Term ‘Reverse Racism’”

  1. Shelley said

    Very well said.

    • Angel said

      This is so true. I know more people of ethnicity that are racist than I do white people. I don’t think that the color of your skin determines the words that come out of your mouth. Our country has come a long way in the past 50+ years when it comes to race and equality. In my opinion we’ve gone too far. Those firefighters should have been promoted based on their ability and skill level. Not the fact that they were black. I personally would want someone who knew what they were doing in a capacity that has an affect on the public’s safety. I don’t know anyone who would care what color the person was would made the decision and took action to save you, your family, your property, etc. as long as the job was done right.

  2. Mars Needs Neocons said

    Thank you, I’ve been saying this for years. I’ve had many people look at me like I was crazy. Especially when I was in the military.

  3. James Wyatt said

    Excellent Article..

    But, Liticaphobia was the real reason why the best wasn’t picked. “Fear of Lawsuits”

    Well they got one anyways..

    I even saw someone on a video say that the Test was Racist.. Try that line in High School..

    • Host said

      Further proof that we need to change, if not clarify, the law as it stands.

    • Angel said

      And look what happened…they got one anyway. I wish our court system would get a little smarter and rule out the b/s suits that come along and only take on the ones that truly need to be brought. Maybe this would cut down on our “fear” of lawsuits. What about this idiot suing for $5 million?

      We as a country need to suck it up and learn to work hard and get what we deserve.

  4. Host said

    Thank you for the great comments everyone. If you liked the post, please give me a thumbs up on Stumble. I’d appreciate it.

  5. Crazy8 said

    I think the original problem was that no minorities bothered to TAKE the test not that the whites did better than the blacks/mexicans. So, because they could promote a minority they threw the test out and the whites that took it got passed over.

    Anyway, you make a good point – Racism is racism there is no need for the word “reverse”

  6. Wellsaid said

    Its similar to the “opposite marriage” that Miss California promoted.

  7. Dave Moore said

    People were discriminated against in an effort to not discriminate against others. Selecting race as the reason why the lower scoring firefighters performed as they did is an excuse for their poor performance. Reverse racism or reverse discrimination only points out that excuses were made and someone else was unfairly discriminated against.

    I feel the sentiment whole heartedly. But let’s get to the root. Judgment.

    If one does not measure up to a standard that impinges on others there is work yet to be done if they wish to measure up. All too often other routes are taken to assuage emotions, but the standard is still unmet.

    Choose Love,
    Dave Moore

  8. Hoq said

    Very well-said. The scary thing is that the moron who let it get to the Supreme Court is now being nominated for it!

  9. Rob said

    Very well put. I agree completely.

  10. SeismicMike said

    I agree with you in terms of popular definition – that is what people think a word means and how it’s used. However the true origin of the term “reverse racism” does have an existential variation from racism. It’s not so much a different thing, it’s more like a subset or type of racism. Racism is the genus. Reverse racism is the species. Reverse racism happens when, in order to alleviate what may be real or perceived racism someone displays racist attitudes or actions in return. It’s the two wrongs make a right approach.

    Whether or not this pertains to this particular case can be debated. However in cases like affirmative action for college admission, I think the term definitely applies. It points out the absurdity of what they are doing. They’re trying to stop what they perceive as racism, by forcing racism on people. The opposite of racism is equal opportunity. Equal opportunity is when decisions about hiring, or admission are not at all based on a whole laundry list of things, including race. Instead they make it based on that, thereby using racism to root out what may not have been racism at all in the first place. And they trample the freedom of association supposedly guaranteed in the Bill of Rights. So I think the term does make sense, but I agree with you that it is way over used and the way people use it isn’t always correct.

  11. shamwow said

    Sad news indeed… Especially given his recent fame with the cable show, and I just saw him on Conan.
    An industry leader gone too soon.

  12. Black anger and white guilt have proven to be a lethal combination. It continues to be used as an excuse for all kinds of problems – real or imagined – and the so-called solutions often end up being worse than the problem.

    Mostly, it’s about fairness. However, it seems to me that these days, the rights of every single individual now trumps the rights of any majority regardless of any circumstance or principle. I’ve always seen our society as a fair and just one that evolves and adapts with the times but unless we take the reins of a system that has now gone out of control, it will only get worse.

  13. Marik Casmon said

    The Supreme Court ruled that the city’s reason for rejecting the results of the test, which was that those results might lead to a lawsuit, was not substantial enough.

    You don’t seem to be aware of this.

  14. Marik Casmon said

    Sotomayor followed established legal precedent, which is what judges on lower courts are supposed to do.

    The Supreme Court did not follow legal precedent, which is their right to do.

  15. craig said

    THANK YOU! I am so sick of people overlooking racism on the part of black people! If anything, it is decisions made to favor black people based solely on skin color that are halting progression!

  16. DAVE ID said

    Just another PC term that annoys the hell outta me. Great article.

  17. Brent H said

    You should live this through a white South African guy, too young to have been part of the old country. Affirmative Acton is pushed there more than any place i’ve been to ( I no longer live in S.A.)

  18. yvette fischer said

    this is a topic that gets very confusing…I understand what is trying to be said, that racism is something people of any color or ethnicity can experience…but I think the idea of “reverse” is refering to that where in one case one group was the opressor, and now the opressed take on the role of opressor (because racism is a form of opression). But when we look at the situation of the United States today it should be clear that people of color, american indians, and immigrants are highly opressed….therefore we cannot bite back when things do not seem equal, because we dont live in projects or prison cells.

  19. GeoffL said

    Actually there is such thing as reverse racism. It’s called not being a racist. Logistically, it would be the reverse of racism = not racist.

  20. GeoffL said

    I’m agreeing with you all btw

  21. john said

    all words are invented before they are added to the dictionary. do you think words grow out of them like vegetables out of the ground?

  22. saidnotsaid said

    I believe the term reverse racism speaks to the undercurrent of our current Politically correct(P.C.) culture the “leveling of the playing field” or preferring those who are not white males for jobs and opportunities has discriminated against white and male. We in our society want the feel good, rather than do the correct thing. Politically correct agenda always is in direct opposition to what is right. Like you said discrimination is discrimination. This P.C practice is discrimination for political purposes.
    Reach down inside….really deep…if you are dieing on an operating table who do you want operating on you? Some one with low marks in school, and couldn’t figure out a left lateral extremity from a scapula, who is Chinese American female, or a DR. with high marks and a good understanding of what he is about to do? There is a big difference between a firefighter with good marks in command of a fire ground and one that is just there because of the Leveling of the playing field and the right color of skin. I am all for performance and grade based hiring. It is the right way. Period.

  23. RobertinSeattle said

    To saidnotsaid:

    Whether you realize it or not, I would have to state that many of us here on this discussion would find your own comments highly racist. What?!! Got recently rejected by a Chinese American female perhaps? You don’t believe that a Chinese American (American – your won choice of words) could possibly be a competent doctor to operate on your sorry ass? Maybe this discussion should go beyond race and also look deeper into prejudices like gender and age…

  24. saidnotsaid said

    OH… I looked at your title…why did I post? your a socialist… which means Politicly correctness is one of your tools. silly me…there’s no arguing with some one who can look at red and call it the new blue… OH WELL may be some one will listento truth and know it to be such.

  25. RobertinSeattle said


    And a bigot too! I’ve been fighting the liberal PC agenda in Seattle for over 12 years, jerk! Socialist? So when idiots like you get called on your BS you resort to name calling? I made my first million before I hit 21 and realized if I don’t fight socialism, they’ll take it all away soon enough. Must be incredible being such a genius and so able to make such brilliant assumptions from looking at someone’s name. Read my comments instead.

    It’s a wonder you didn’t try to assume even more from my screen name. Small wonder we have a problem!

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  28. SDK said

    Spelling mistakes?

  29. T.Willson said

    Interesting article !

    Thanks for use my photo : ) !

    You have a great blog !!

    Congrats !

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  31. Gary Sabby said

    I like your article, short sweet and to the point. I’d like it maybe if you could check out the blog that I posted about “reverse racism” and let me know what you think. I believe that I may share some of the same beliefs as you, that you are right in saying people need to just be more mature about it. Anybody can be racist, not just white people.

  32. bear21386 said

    I couldn’t agree more, great article. It was well thought out and gets the point across nicely! If you get a chance, check mine out and let me know what you think:-)

  33. Tom said

    Discrimination and racism should be separate from one another for many reasons. Racism does not have to include discrimination. And Discrimination is not tied to race only, for there are many reasons one might choose to discriminate. Discrimination in of itself is not necessarily malicious and is commonly accepted if there is a good reason or BFOQ. For example McDonalds and most employers discriminate against both sexes in which jobs/duties they are given proportionally. Women work counters and drive through windows more often than men, and men work in the kitchen more often than women. This is for a number of reasons, but specifically because customers will buy more from a woman than they will from a man in most retail situations where the purchase is considered minor by the buyer. On the reverse of that men generally dominate the car sales industry because people (stupid people) trust men more than women when large sums of money are involved (why anyone trusts car salesmen regardless of sex is beyond my comprehension, I’m fairly certain they have a special place in hell right next to the lawyers). But I have digressed, discrimination takes place all the time. And in many situations such as those above there are statistical reasons for that. Additionally, racism does not by definition include any action whatsoever, it is simply a belief or ideology. Much like a religion (I’m sure religion has killed far more people than racism) and as far as I can tell deserves the same protections. The problem here is quite complicated, but to help clarify; a racist that does not act upon those beliefs (to infringe on the rights of another) is no more harmful than a religiously devout person, Discrimination is only harmful when there is no logical/economical reason (it is important to note that most ideologies are not logical, whether it is religion or racism). It is the folly of our generation to think that we are free when we are only free to do what others approve, true freedom is being able to do what you want with only one restriction; not infringing on another individual’s rights. None of us have the right to NOT be offended, for we are all offended by something. For example, I find people that disagree with me in any way offensive (hint hint, I have no right to stop you).

    PS- Personally I think racists and zealots are both idiots, but in order to be truly free we must accept both of them equally until they harm another person. And Discrimination that has a statistical backing is logical and acceptable (this holds up in today’s courts, men pay much more for auto insurance in the US, statistically men cause more accidents *this depends on age and driving experience as well, but in the 18-24 age group it holds true). Discrimination for illogical reasons however such as an ideology, is intolerable.

  34. steve said

    Da nigs did it.

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