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In Case Anyone Doubts Stumble Upon

Posted by Casey on June 29, 2009

Over the last hour Stumble Upon has been single handedly responsible for nearly 800 hits to this site.  I have only recently begun to use Stumble to try and get traffic, but so far it is fantastic!

I am a long time user of the famous Stumble button to browse the internet, and have yet to find anything online even remotely close in terms of fun.  Here’s the stats for this site in the last hour or so.



It’s now nearly 1,100 in nearly 1 1/2 hours … not too bad for one post. I’m not counting the hundreds of other hits from other sources either, but Stumble is kicking the crap out of them right now. If you have a website … definitely look into Stumble.


Now Stumble is responsible for nearly 2,100 hits in the last few hours on one post.

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6 Responses to “In Case Anyone Doubts Stumble Upon”

  1. John Nash said

    I found this through stumble upon – I now have this site bookmarked 🙂

  2. Oppo said

    It brought me here 😀

    At least, to the reverse-racism page.
    The point was good, but even conservatives or libertarians who are well aware of it can still fall victim to using the term, just out of convenience.

    It seems the biggest reason some conservatives use the term is because if they went around saying something was “racist” in favor of minorities, they would be ridiculed and dismissed by the uninformed majority and leftist spin machine.

    The term “reverse-racism” allows them a bit of leeway to confront people. That said, it doesn’t excuse the fact that it doesn’t exist and in fact does a disservice to those who are victims of what is nothing less than “racism.”

    • Host said

      Interesting point about reverse racism being a way to claim racism ‘justifiably’ by conservatives. Haven’t heard that one before.

      Glad you stopped buy, and gave Stumble a shout out.

  3. Rob said

    Stumble upon brought me here as well. And yeah, I’ve used it to find new and interesting site, but haven’t really used it to promote my own site. So what do you do exactly, anyhow? Just go to one of your own blog posts and stumble it? Or do you stumble as many pages of your own as you can? (I honestly have no idea how the system works.) I’d be curious to know.

    • Jayar said

      I would actually like to know the same thing. Stumble brought me here, and I have added my own site to Stumble, but not sure how to make it effective. Thanks for the post!

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