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Even The American Medical Association Is Opposed To Obama Care

Posted by Casey on June 11, 2009

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So, finally the largest medical organization in the country is coming out and telling Obama to back off.

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Influx Of Black Students Causes Teachers To Flee

Posted by Casey on June 6, 2009

Whoa … this isn’t a study that paints teachers in a positive light, but it doesn’t paint minority students in one either. We’re faced with some tough questions here. Do teachers prefer non-black students, or are black students more difficult for teachers on average?

It should be noted that even black teachers are relocating, and it doesn’t completely focus on just black students. Other minorities are discussed as well as economic class.

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The best teachers tend to leave when their schools experience an influx of African-American students, according to a study of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg, N.C., school district.

C. Kirabo Jackson, an associate professor of labor economics at Cornell University, in Ithaca, N.Y., studied patterns of teacher movement in Charlotte-Mecklenburg schools between 2002 and 2003, which was when the 137,000-student district ended its long-running policy of busing students to keep schools racially integrated. His results, published last month in the Journal of Labor Economics, show that, at all levels of schooling, high-quality teachers—both black and white—were more likely to switch schools as the policy change began to take effect and student populations shifted.

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EPA Says Playgrounds Killing Us All

Posted by Casey on June 6, 2009

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Can you greenies please just make up your minds!

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