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Obama Becomes The Nation’s 6th Biracial President

Posted by Casey on January 20, 2009

Obama isn’t black … he’s biracial, and he isn’t the first biracial president either. What will they say when we have a full-blooded black president? Will they then become the first black president, or the second?

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Uh Oh, Obama Is Quickly Losing His Media Friends

Posted by Casey on December 29, 2008

The media has started turning on Obama as of late.  Since the ridiculously hypocritical stories of the great Obama vacation retreat, that would have been penned quite differently if it were a Republican, the media is starting to attack Obama as being a weak pansy.

It would appear that Obama is having great difficulty adjusting to the press corps that follows him everywhere, and has taken to fleeing from them as if he were nothing but another two-bit Hollywood pop tart. The irony will not be lost on the more cerebral of you.

After Obama ditched the press to take his daughters to a water park, a major breach of protocol, he is being savaged in the MSM.

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All presidents and would-be presidents struggle with “the bubble” – the security detail and the always-there reporters that impose barriers to any spontaneous interaction with the outside world.

But Obama seems to be struggling particularly hard, particularly early.

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Ouch, that was pretty harsh. Especially for the former media darling. There’s two solid pages dedicated to how frustrated Obama is with his celebrity. If this continues, we may see the whole body of the MSM turn on Obama in a fashion not seen since the press turned on Britney Spears. We all know how that turned out. The media created him … will they now destroy him?

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If You Could, Who Would You Kill?

Posted by Casey on November 24, 2008

This is purely for fun, and is in no way intended as a venue for legitimate threats.

Since we have a new president getting ready to take office, I started thinking about the old myth that the president gets a certain number of free kills as a perk to the job.  It is, of course, not true.  However, it got me to thinking about who I’d off if I were to be president, and such a benefit was included.

So who would you kill if you were allowed to get away with a couple murders?  It can be anyone you like.

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