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Getting Sloshed On The Taxpayer’s Dime

Posted by Casey on January 22, 2010

Politicians are well-known for wasting our money so they can live very comfortably.  While many of us are outraged over such lavish waste, libs tend to forgive the behavior (unless a Republican does it).  However, using the taxpayer’s dime to reap such rewards is one thing … taking money from our troops so you can pound shots with your buddies is another thing altogether.

When members of Congress travel overseas at the expense of the Department of Defense, they are treated to thousands of dollars worth of alcohol and other amenities. A review by The Wall Street Journal of congressional disclosure documents for 43 trips found that expenditures averaged $4,300 per trip—and that’s just what has been reported. Lawmakers are required to declare what they spend on travel but not what others like the Pentagon do on Congress’ behalf.

In March 2008, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and nine other lawmakers traveled to England, India and Spain. Their flight included $438.75 worth of alcohol, including three cases of beer, 15 bottles of wine, three bottles of vodka, Crown Royal, Dewar’s and other liquor, plus another $750 worth of chips, cakes and other snacks—all of which were paid for by the U.S. Air Force.

A junket taken by Senator James Inhofe (R-OK) to Africa in December 2008 included $3,360 in “emergency requests” paid for by the military. Some of Inhofe’s party went to a Wal-Mart and bought $130 worth of cookies, mints and other munchies for the trip. They also spent $250 at Total Wine & More.

Joel Johnson, a defense-industry analyst with the Teal Group Corporation and former staffer for the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, said the military-funded trips help provide a “bonding” experience between lawmakers and Pentagon officials which “is helpful for the military when they are seeking particular things in appropriations or authorizations.”

-Noel Brinkerhoff

When will my congressional representatives go on a “bonding” trip with me, or any of their other constituents?

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Military Dismisses/Belittles N. Korea Threats

Posted by Casey on June 27, 2009

Map of North Korea
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Remember when the Army said they could kick N. Korea’s ass right now if need be?  Yeah, they still have that same stance.

The Pentagon shrugged off a threat from North Korea Wednesday to wipe the United States off the map.

“I don’t even know how to respond to that. It’s silliness,” said Pentagon spokesman Geoff Morrell.”For what and with what?


Suck on that Kimmy!

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So, What’s In The Democrat’s Secret $500 Billion Spending Bill?

Posted by Casey on September 23, 2008

Some good, some bad … as usual.

Pentagon budget, disaster aid set to advance

Details of the emerging legislation remain secret, but its outlines
have come out in interviews with aides to both the House and Senate
Appropriations committees, as well as aides to top House and Senate

The legislation is coming together in a remarkably secretive process
in which decisions are concentrated in the hands of just a few
lawmakers such as House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Senate Majority Leader
Harry Reid and House Appropriations Committee Chairman David Obey,

The unusual process means thousands of lawmakers’ pet projects of
the very sort blasted by GOP presidential nominee John McCain on the
campaign trail would escape scrutiny, including up to $5 billion worth
of such “earmarks” in the defense budget alone.

Congressional leaders hope to pass the budget legislation this week,
but several issues remained undecided Monday. For starters, it wasn’t
clear how much the White House would be willing to accept.

Catch that?  This is a neat little way to inflate government even more by hiding pork.

While top-level congressional leaders haven’t made final decisions,
elements of the year-end budget package are likely to include:

_Stopgap government funding. Most federal agencies would see their
budgets frozen at current levels for several weeks or even into March.
Lawmakers want to avoid a postelection “lame duck” session, but fear
the White House will force them to return to session in November in
hopes Congress would approve a free trade pact with Colombia.

_Security-related budgets. More than $600 billion to fund the 2009
budgets for the Pentagon, Homeland Security Department and the
Department of Veterans Affairs.

_Disaster aid. Up to $25 billion in emergency funding for victims of
Gulf Coast hurricanes, midwestern floods and other natural disasters.

_Automaker loans. More than $7 billion is provided to subsidize $25
billion in loans to help the “Big Three” U.S. automakers retool their
plants to build cleaner, more energy efficient cars.

_Heating subsidies. Democrats want to double the budget to $5.1
billion for a popular program providing heating subsidies for the poor.

Democrats were also weighing whether to try to add another extension
of unemployment benefits to the year-end budget package. Another option
would be to add the unemployment insurance coverage to a subsequent $50
billion-plus measure to stimulate the economy with infrastructure
spending, aid to states and additional food stamp benefits.

[Sigh] … Oi vai.

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