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Robot Is First To Learn On Its Own … We Are So Screwed

Posted by Casey on September 22, 2009

Say hello to Skynet.

A laboratory robot called Adam has been hailed as the first machine in history to have discovered new scientific knowledge independently of its human creators.

Adam formed a hypothesis on the genetics of bakers’ yeast and carried out experiments to test its predictions, without intervention from its makers at Aberystwyth University.

How appropriate that the machine is named Adam.

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“Pain Ray” For Sale Commercially

Posted by Casey on August 6, 2009

The Pain RayI’m hoping you don’t need a special permit to get one. I have plans for my HOA inspector.


The so-called “Active Denial System” works by heating the outer surface of the target’s skin using millimeter waves — short wavelength microwaves. The effect is painful, but generally harmless, and forces the target to get out of the beam. Recently, it’s been proposed as a possible defense against pirates; last month, Raytheon gave a presentation on Active Denial at a NATO workshop on anti-pirate equipment and technologies.

This presentation mentions an “Impending Direct Commercial Sale” of a commercial version of the Active Denial system known as Silent Guardian (pictured). This is Active Denial in a box, a 10,000-pound containerized system that can be mounted on a ship, a truck, or a fixed installation. It’s got an effective range of about 250 meters. The beam has a power of around 30 kilowatts.
The anti-pirate presentation shows how a set-up with two antennas could achieve almost 360-degree coverage for a small container ship.

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Fights Back: Pedi Paws Product Review

Posted by Casey on December 16, 2008

You can get this product for $9.99 now at most retailers.

You can get this product for $9.99 now at most retailers.

In the second installment of Fights Back I review the Pedi Paws pet nail trimming scam, er, device.  I should have added this review shortly after the Sham Wow review, but have been derelict in my duties.


I have two dogs and figured the Pedi Paws could save me some money.  My bigger dog has black nails with long quicks, and must be put to sleep to trim her nails.  Otherwise you are risking a lot of pain for her by trimming her nails.  So I had wanted the Pedi Paws for some time.  Our second dog is smaller, and very skiddish about getting his nails clipped.  Frankly, I was tired of the drama.

First Impressions:

Once I got the Pedi Paws home, I looked it over and determined the design had promise.  I immediately used the Pedi Paws on my big dog because she is calmer than the medium dog.  I turned the Pedi Paws on and was pleased with the power it seemed to offer.  However, upon contact with my dog’s nail the Pedi Paws stopped!  Dead in its tracks!  I moved it away from her nail, and it was fine.  I tried again … stopped!  Uh oh, the Pedi Paws didn’t have the power to sand my large dog’s nails.  The motor that powers the sand paper would stop with any small about of pressure on my dog’s nails … not good.

I didn’t give up though.  I tried lightly, and barely, touching the tip of my dog’s nail to trim it down.  I did work … a little.  It didn’t trim her nails though, and provided little benefit other than rounding the very tip of her nail.  It also took way too long to get even that mediocre result.  For my large dog’s nails … the Pedi Paws failed miserably.

She is a big dog though.  Maybe the Pedi Paws would work better on the smaller dog.

He’s a medium size dog with much smaller nails than the other, but he is afraid of buzzing things.  The Pedi Paws comes with the usual “introduce your pet to this device so they aren’t afraid” instructions that provide little benefit for nervous pets.  He bite the Pedi Paws as if it were his toy, even running, but would freak out the moment it touched his nails.  We finally got him pinned after an hour of trying the recommended introduction methods included with Pedi Paws.

The Pedi Paws worked much better on the smaller nails, but still was ineffective overall.  It took forever for the Pedi Paws to sand down the tips of his nails, and would again stop do to the lack of motor power.

Final Conclusion:

The Pedi Paws is a good idea poorly implemented at best.  Sanding down the nails of your pet is not a bad idea, but you need a motor with the power to actually accomplish the goal.  Otherwise the Pedi Paws is a vibrating sex toy, and nothing more.

DO NOT USE THIS PRODUCT ON SKIDDISH PETS … PERIOD!! There is no amount of introductions that will make a pet like having their nails cut.  Traditional clippers are much faster, and they don’t have the added obstacle of the vibrations tickling you pet’s feet.

While the Pedi Paws does not trim the nails of medium to larger pets it may be useful for calm cats or ferrets.  I would not recommend Pedi Paws for anything over 6-7 lbs.  It simply does not work due to lack of power for the motor.  Save your money, or re-gift your Pedi Paws for the upcoming holidays.

Awesome Bonus Review:

Notice the picture above has the Pedi Paws coming with the Shed Ender.  We also have the Shed Ender (got it two days ago).  It too does not accomplish its stated purpose.  My dogs still shed like crazy, but they do love being brushed with the Shed Ender.  Too bad I was able to accomplish that with a 50 cent comb before … another re-gift.  I guess this company (Telebrands) is only into half-assed products.

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WordPress Blogs Support Being Censored By The Government

Posted by Casey on November 16, 2008

We all know the results of the recent election. WordPress was interested in how their users were voting, and did their own poll on who WordPress bloggers were voting for. While the results were predictable, they were also humorous.

Here’s the graphic WordPress has put up:


As you can see, WordPress bloggers chose an Obama/Biden ticket with 69% of the vote. That’s 17% more than the US population.

The results are interesting because of the fairness doctrine, which some in government would also apply to blogs. While Obama’s most recent statement on the fairness doctrine is that he doesn’t support it, he has gone back and forth on the issue, and does support various other fairness type initiatives. But forget what he says … actions speak louder than words.

We all know that Obama is blatantly opposed to free speech, and has put great effort into censoring news and broadcast elements during the campaign.  Even censoring a debate between a critic, and supporter, of his. Obama is also a huge supporter of net neutrality laws which are a form of internet fairness doctrine.  However, the most concerning event with Obama and the fairness doctrine is his appointing former Federal Communications Commissioner Henry Rivera to head the team that will select the next FCC chairman.  Why is Rivera’s appointment so concerning?  He is an extreme supporter of the fairness doctrine.

clipped from

Rivera is a partner at the Washington law firm Wiley Rein, headed by former FCC Chairman Richard Wiley. He “is expected to lead the push to dismantle commercial talk radio that is favored by a number of Democratic Party senators,” Maloney wrote.

“Rivera will play a pivotal role in preventing critics from having a public voice during Obama’s tenure in office.”

blog it

While we may not be 100% positive Obama supports the legal restoration of the Fairness Doctrine … we do know that Democrats in Congress do, especially Pelosi. The question then shifts from whether Obama supports it, to will Obama veto it. I’m not so sure he would use his veto power to kill the fairness doctrine if it passes Congress.

So what about Biden … does he support the fairness doctrine? Biden does have a history of censoring news outlets himself. CNET is also pretty concerned about the lies Biden has told us during the campaign about technology fairness, and privacy issues.  Given Biden’s vast history of not supporting internet privacy, and his support of various fairness initiatives as well … can we really deduce that he doesn’t support the fairness doctrine?

69% of WordPress bloggers expressed their support for a ticket that has all the makings of an executive branch that will put in place provisions that may censor them.  Intriguing … isn’t it?

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Fights Back: Sham Wow Product Review

Posted by Casey on October 14, 2008

Does the Sham Wow work as advertised?

Does the Sham Wow work as advertised?


When I was a kid I was addicted to a show called “Fight Back.”  The show was all about consumer protection (you now know that I’ve been a consumer advocate from infancy).  They would take products advertised on commercials, and test them out so you knew if the product was worth buying or not.  I can’t count how many times “Fight Back” exposed the lies used in commercials to sell you a product.

These days they’ve gone digital … check out their website here.

Given my infatuation with the show’s idea, and that it virtually disappeared from public knowledge, I decided to start writing my own product reviews.  Since I don’t want to get sued, I call my product reviews “Fights Back.”  Think Popeye … me gonna fights back.  Now onto the review of Sham Wow.

Why This Product:

I’ve been intrigue with whether Sham Wow really worked ever since I saw the same infomercial you all have seen.  I’m a gadget geek, and I am always looking for something new and cool.  I had considered ordering the Sham Wow several times, but didn’t want to pay for shipping when I knew it would probably just end up in Walgreens in a couple of months (as all TV products do).  However, I ran into a Sham Wow display at a home show I was at, and viewed the demonstration.

To my surprise, the soaking carpet demo was for real.  In the commercial you can easily tell that the carpet had been switched to a less messy … well … mess.  In person that was impossible to do, and the soda spill was in fact absorbed by the Sham Wow right before my eyes.  I immediately bought a bundle that came with one large, and one small, Sham Wow.

First Impressions:

It wasn’t too long before I got to use the small Sham Wow around the house for little spills here and there.  The Sham Wow worked great for those spills that required me to soak up a spill.  It didn’t matter what the liquid was, or what surface it was on … the Sham Wow worked.  I cleaned up soda off the counter, water around my dog bowl, and an overfill of my house plant off the carpet.  The Sham Wow excelled at cleaning them all.

My ultimate goal was to use the Sham Wow on my car after I washed it.  Would it really dry my car?

I’d been recently disappointed by another similar product that was supposed to make drying my car a breeze, and was chomping at the bit to use the Sham Wow on my car.  You see, in Vegas it is so hot that if you don’t dry your car quickly you will get water spots.

Today I got that opportunity I’d been waiting for.  I washed my car, and immediately began to use my new Sham Wow.  As I used the Sham Wow on my car I was stunned, shocked, and I marveled at how … poorly … it worked.  The Sham Wow could not absorb hardly any water from my car.  I couldn’t understand it.  How is it that the Sham Wow would work so well inside the house, but not on my car?  The only thing I can think of is that the Sham Wow is a great stationary absorber, but a poor wiper.  If I lay the Sham Wow on the wet car it would absorb great, but if I wiped … nothing but streaks.

Final Verdict:

The Sham Wow is a great buy for around the house to clean up spills, or use as a bath mat to keep your bathroom floor from getting soaked when you get out of the shower.  However, when it comes to drying your car you are better off with a leather chamois, or microfiber towel.

The Sham Wow gets 3 1/2 stars out of 5.

If you have any product reviews of your own, please submit them to this site.  I will publish your product review on Needs of the Many as a part of my “Fights Back” segment.

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And The Winner Is … Blu Ray!

Posted by Casey on February 19, 2008

Just like I’ve been saying for a couple of years now. Clearly the better technology won this time around. I guess you could say this makes up for Beta Max.

Bottom line … HD DVD got pwned bitches!

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