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Fort Hood Shooter Is Terrorist Jihadi, Military Knew About It Months Ago.

Posted by Casey on November 9, 2009

landing-page_1517912cThere is so much wrong with this case. Why did he get promoted when he had poor performance reviews? Why didn’t Army brass take action when his pro-terrorist writings, musings, arguments, and the like became known?

Now the military is saying they were aware that he tried to contact al Qaeda?

ABC News:

U.S. intelligence agencies were aware months ago that Army Major Nidal Malik Hasan was attempting to make contact with people associated with al Qaeda, two American officials briefed on classified material in the case told ABC News.

It is not known whether the intelligence agencies informed the Army that one of its officers was seeking to connect with suspected al Qaeda figures, the officials said.

Jesus Christ!

I remember the good ‘ol days when we used to remove, isolate, interrogate, and possibly kill these threats.  Now we just move them around, give them promotions, and let them work with our returning veterans.

Is political correctness to blame for this tragedy?

One person says that it is, and good American soldiers are dead because of a fear of being honest.

We must rid ourselves of the foolish notion that we’re being broadminded when we ignore vitriolic loathing of our culture and our lifestyle. Refusing to take action against evil for fear of being guilty of stereotyping has resulted in flag-draped coffins for thirteen of America’s finest. What occurred at Fort Hood is even more stunning because it exposes a weak-willed mentality that has become woven into the fabric of the mightiest military force in the history of the world.

Now we’ve also learned that one of Maj. Hasan’s friends was happy he killed these soldiers.

Questions were being asked in Texas this weekend about the friendship between the US Army psychiatrist Nidal Malik Hasan, who killed 13 people in a shooting spree at the Fort Hood military base last Thursday, and a young man called Duane Reasoner Jnr. Interviewed by the BBC on Friday, Reasoner said he felt no pity for Hasan’s victims because “they were troops who were going to Afghanistan and Iraq to kill Muslims”.

A tape of the interview, conducted by Gavin Lee of the BBC, has ended up on YouTube and other sites and is getting an angry response from Americans still shocked by Hasan’s deadly rampage.

Reasoner is 20 years younger than Hasan. The pair became friends through the local mosque in Killeen – the nearest town to the vast army camp – where Hasan regularly prayed and where Reasoner, who was brought up as a Catholic, was completing his conversion to Islam.

I was listening to the radio the other day, and callers were still arguing against calling this what it is … a terrorist, jihadi attack on the United States.

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Will The REAL Anti-War Vets Stand Up

Posted by Casey on June 11, 2009

Iraq Veterans Against the War marching in Bost...
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The false veteran anti-war movement has been epidemic for some time now going back all the way to 9/11. It seems like every few months we find out that one of the “veterans” leading the charge against the war never actually served. Most of the time we find that they are prominent members of well known anti-war groups. Talk about the blind leading the blind.

The latest installment actually slipped by me for a few weeks. Sorry, I’ve been really busy.

clipped from
You remember Jessie MacBeth, don’t you? He was the fake “Army Ranger” thug who lied about serving in Iraq and was promoted by the Iraq Veterans Against the War until milbloggers exposed him as a total fraud.

Well, meet a guy who makes Jessie MacBeth look like a choir boy.

And add this story to the ever-growing file of bogus Winter Soldier Syndrome tales from MacBeth and Micah Wright to Josh Lansdale and Amorita Randall.

“Rick Duncan” of Colorado Springs was a prominent anti-war activist who claimed to have served in Iraq on three tours of duty AND survived the 9/11 attack on the Pentagon. He has now been unmasked as a lying mental patient (via Colorado Springs Gazette with a big hat tip to This Ain’t Hell):

This Ain’t Hell is covering this flawlessly.

Here’s an old post of mine migrated over here from the old site on this very subject.

Don’t forget about the time Harry Reid demanded that Rush Limbaugh apologize to these frauds.

So why are these fakes so successful? Well, the liberal population didn’t ever serve their country for the most part. Therefore they simply can’t identify a real veteran as is perfectly illustrated here.

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Video: Iraqis Happy We Liberated Them

Posted by Casey on March 18, 2009

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It’s Nice To Know The Media Is Finally Reporting On Obama’s Iraq Plan, But They Aren’t Giving Me Credit

Posted by Casey on February 27, 2009

Finally, the media is reporting that Obama is actually extending US combat troop deployments in Iraq longer than the Bush plan.  It’s something I reported several days ago, and was met with some skepticism. I just wish they’d give me a little credit for uncovering it for them.

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Obama To Keep Combat Troops In Iraq More Than A Year Longer Than Bush Was!

Posted by Casey on February 24, 2009

Today the AP is reporting that Obama will remove US combat troops from Iraq by August 2010, and that all US troops will be pulled out by December 2011. On the surface this looks good for Obama supporters, but Obama can’t take credit for getting US troops out of Iraq. That was ALL Bush.

In fact, before the election, Bush and the Iraqis signed the agreement to get all US troops out of Iraq by December 2011. So Obama can’t get any credit for that date of withdrawal. Especially since it was in the works for over a year at the time it was signed last November.

However, all US troops is different than US combat troops. So when did Bush say he would withdraw all US combat troops? Bush signed an agreement with the Iraqis to have all US combat troops out of Iraq by June 30, 2009. You’ll notice the date released by the Obama administration to have all US combat troops out of Iraq was August 2010. So Bush was actually going to withdraw our combat troops 14 earlier than Obama! So much for hopeandchange.

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Bush Responsible For The Most Successful Military Campaign In US History

Posted by Casey on January 19, 2009

Man, I love kicking the enemy’s ass! This is the sort of thing that makes you want to down a bottle of scotch, and toast your enemy’s death. GO BUSH!!
clipped from

Before President George W. Bush leaves office it’s only fitting to give credit to where credit it due. Although you would not know this from the anti-Bush media or democrats, the US military has waged the most successful major military campaign in American history these past 8 years.
The War on Terror has been an amazing success not only in what has been accomplished but in what it has cost in lives. Two brutal regimes were obliterated, Al-Qaeda was decimated, fledgling democracies were established. But, most importantly, the US was able to do this while sacrificing the fewest number of soldiers monthly than in any other military campaign in US history. In fact, the US today is losing fewer soldiers each month in Iraq and Afghanistan combined than the average number of soldiers lost monthly during the Clinton years (~35 to 78).

Here’s how the War on Terror stacks up with other US Wars:

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The population today in the US is much larger than when these previous wars were fought. If you factor that in it really puts things into perspective.

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Obama: Failing To Make Friends Of Our Enemies

Posted by Casey on January 13, 2009

I know, I know … you’re shocked. 

The blindingly optimistic number 2’s who supported Obama under the premise that Bush alienated the world, and Obama was going to mend fences, are realizing that our enemies don’t give a damn if it’s Bush or Obama.

Naturally, we must discuss Iran.  After all, Iran is only an enemy because of Bush according to many libs.  Surely Obama will mend fences, and calm everyone down … right?


Hardline demonstrators burn posters of U.S. President-elect Barack Obama, during a demonstration in support of the people of Gaza, in front of the Swiss Embassy in Tehran January 13, 2009

Oops … guess not.

Obama is not winning any friends among America’s enemies, and he is alienating one of our closest allies (Israel). This is just the latest anti-Obama demonstration in Iran, and Iranian officials have been critical of Obama before he even takes office. This includes Mahmoud himself.

So far Obama has managed to anger higher ups in Iran, Turkey, Israel, Hamas, Hezbollah, and al Qaeda. Notice how similar this list is to the one that has those angry at Bush. With the exception of Turkey and Israel of course.

Obama and his supporters are learning the same lesson the anti-war protesters who were kidnapped in Iraq learned. It doesn’t matter what race you are, what political party you belong to, or even what religion you are. All that matters is that you are an American … the infidel … the enemy.

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Bush Shoe Tosser Crying About Being Tortured

Posted by Casey on December 16, 2008

Good thing he’s in Iraq, I guess. If he were here he’d have probably been shot.
clipped from
While we’ve had fun looking at the social-media mashups spun off of the Bush/shoe-throwing incident, here’s a sobering issue: The BBC reports that the man, Muntadar al-Zaidi (pictured in a BBC photo), has been beaten while in Iraqi custody. His brother told the British news agency that al-Zaidi allegedly “suffered a broken arm, broken ribs and internal bleeding.” And Arab media is airing similar reports: Raed in the Middle reports that the station where al-Zaidi worked says his hand was broken, and the blog “Roads to Iraq” relays a report from al-Sharqiya TV that the man has “broken ribs and signs of tortures on his thighs.”

I still find it amusing that this story is bigger than Gov. Palin’s church being burned down by an arsonist.

The LA Times seems to have compared the shoe tosser to Joe the plumber in a not so shocking anymore display idiocy.

Meanwhile, back in Iraq …

For those of you who think this guy represents the feelings towards Bush in Iraq … we are finding out that he is a terrorist sympathizer who is pissed his side got their asses kicked.

Ahmed recalled that al-Zeidi spoke glowingly of anti-American cleric Muqtada al-Sadr, whose followers organized protests Monday to demand his release.

He’s also a huge fan of communist murderer Che Guevara, and has a major ego problem. Apparently he’s more of an attention whore than journalist … according to other Iraqi journalists.

Also not making news here in the states from Iraq is the kick ass celebration the troops had for the president while he was visiting them there. Please notice the difference in troop behavior towards Bush as opposed to Obama or Kerry.

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Let It Be Known: Bush, Not Obama, Secured Iraq Withdrawal

Posted by Casey on November 21, 2008

I just want this to be crystal clear, because number 2’s will try to give credit to Obama for this. The deal has been in the works for nearly a year now, since Iraq asked the US to stay indefinitely in their country.
clipped from
The security agreement, reached after months of negotiations between Iraqi and U.S. representatives, sets June 30, 2009, as the deadline for U.S. combat troops to withdraw from all Iraqi cities and towns. The date for all U.S. troops to leave Iraq would be December 31, 2011.
It would replace a U.N. resolution expiring at year’s end that sets out the role of U.S. and allied troops in Iraq.

The Iraqi government approved the pact Sunday, and now the measure is under debate in parliament, where there has been overheated discussion between proponents and opponents. A vote is expected next week.

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CIA Confirms Al Qaeda In Iraq In 2002

Posted by Casey on November 13, 2008

This is not news, or a surprise, as it has been confirmed dozens of times. I even wrote about some of the terrorist ties Saddam had here. Saddam did have a tentative relationship with al Qaeda, but it was not extensive. Just so we are clear … no one has ever denied that Saddam had extensive ties to terrorism. Al Qaeda being in Iraq wasn’t the reason for invasion anyway. It was Saddam’s CONFIRMED WMD programs coupled with his ties to terrorist organizations that was given as reasons for invasion by Republicans and Democrats alike.

Charles “Sam” Faddis, who led a CIA team into northern Iraq following the 9/11 attacks, says the Pentagon’s “endless planning and delays” foiled a chance to wipe out a band of al Qaeda leaders who were fleeing American bombs in Afghanistan.
Faddis says the delays, beginning in 2002, also facilitated the escape of some “key” al Qaeda figures, including terrorist scientists who were working on chemical and biological weapons.
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Al Qaeda showed up after our invasion of Afghanistan according to this operative.

Al Qaeda operatives “showed up in Iraq after our invasion of Afghanistan.”
Before the U.S. invasion, “you had al Qaeda operatives in the north spying (on Iraq) — the same as us,” he said.
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Consider yourself smarter for having read this post.

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