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Credit Card Companies To Punish You For Paying On Time Now

Posted by Casey on October 23, 2009

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No doubt you’ve all been experiencing the same thing as I have.  You have been a loyal, good customer of your credit card company.  Now we are getting the letters saying that our fees are going up, our interest is going up, or that there are fees where there never were before.

Now things are getting much worse.  The absolute most ridiculous business model ever is sinking even lower.

You floss regularly, yield to oncoming traffic and use your credit cards judiciously, dutifully paying off your balance every month.

You may believe that your exemplary behavior shields you from unexpected credit card fees. Sadly, that is no longer the case.

Starting next year, Bank of America will charge a small number of customers an annual fee, ranging from $29 to $99. The bank has characterized the fee as experimental. But card holders who have never carried a balance or paid late fees could be among those affected.

Many credit card companies are going to implement non-usage fees.  That is, if you don’t use your credit card to their liking … you’ll get a penalty fee. 

We may finally be at the breaking point for most Americans to start living on an actual monetary budget.  It is going to suck in the short term, but in the long run will be better for your finances.

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FDIC Is Supposed To Insure Banks, Not The Other Way Around

Posted by Casey on September 22, 2009

Need I really say more?

Regulators have approached big banks about borrowing billions to shore up the dwindling fund that insures regular deposit accounts.

The loans would go to the fund maintained by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. that insure depositors when banks fail, said two industry officials familiar with the conversations, who requested anonymity because the plans are still evolving.

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“Pain Ray” For Sale Commercially

Posted by Casey on August 6, 2009

The Pain RayI’m hoping you don’t need a special permit to get one. I have plans for my HOA inspector.


The so-called “Active Denial System” works by heating the outer surface of the target’s skin using millimeter waves — short wavelength microwaves. The effect is painful, but generally harmless, and forces the target to get out of the beam. Recently, it’s been proposed as a possible defense against pirates; last month, Raytheon gave a presentation on Active Denial at a NATO workshop on anti-pirate equipment and technologies.

This presentation mentions an “Impending Direct Commercial Sale” of a commercial version of the Active Denial system known as Silent Guardian (pictured). This is Active Denial in a box, a 10,000-pound containerized system that can be mounted on a ship, a truck, or a fixed installation. It’s got an effective range of about 250 meters. The beam has a power of around 30 kilowatts.
The anti-pirate presentation shows how a set-up with two antennas could achieve almost 360-degree coverage for a small container ship.

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White House Ham Giving New Meaning To Pork

Posted by Casey on July 20, 2009

DRUDGE REPORT 2009®_1248122310844

That picture from Drudge’s website seems to say a lot. However, Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack has issued a statement attempting to defend the massive amounts of pork er ham in the stimulus bill.

Remember, the stimulus was supposed to stimulate the economy.

Response to Drudge Item on Recovery Act Funding
Statement from Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack

“Through the Recovery Act, the U.S. Department of Agriculture has made $100 million available to the states for The Emergency Food Assistance Program (TEFAP), which acquires food that is distributed to local organizations that assist the needy – including food banks, food pantries, and soup kitchens.

The Recovery Act funds referenced in press reports allowed states to purchase ham, cheese and dairy products for these food banks, soup kitchens and food pantries that provide assistance to people who otherwise do not have access to food. This program will help reduce hunger of those hardest hit by the current economic recession.

The references to “2 pound frozen ham sliced” are to the sizes of the packaging. Press reports suggesting that the Recovery Act spent $1.191 million to buy “2 pounds of ham” are wrong.

Just like when the president said the stimulus plan was working exactly how it designed to … we learn that it really is. This is another example of the government ‘stimulus’ creating, and preparing for you being dependent upon them.

Las Vegas Mayor, Oscar Goodman, outlined exactly how utterly useless the stimulus has been for his constituents.

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Obama Measures Economy By Using … Google Trends?

Posted by Casey on July 18, 2009

Larry Summers - World Economic Forum Annual Me...
Image by World Economic Forum via Flickr

Now we finally know how Obama will measure job creation and jobs saved. It isn’t based on official unemployment numbers, or the number of businesses closing or cutting back. No, no, no … Obama’s measuring economic success based on what you are using Google to search for.

No, I’m not joking.

Of all the statistics pouring into the White House every day, top economic adviser Larry Summers highlighted one Friday to make his case that the economic free-fall has ended.

The number of people searching for the term “economic depression” on Google is down to normal levels, Summers said.

Searches for the term were up four-fold when the recession deepened in the earlier part of the year, and the recent shift goes to show consumer confidence is higher, Summers told the Peterson Institute for International Economics.

Summers continued the administration’s push-back against critics of President Barack Obama’s handling of the recession, defending the economic stimulus package against Republicans who have tried to paint the program as a failure because it hasn’t stemmed the unemployment rate.

Read more:

There is no way to spin this positively in favor of the White House. To have the top economic adviser to blow off the other stats in favor of highlighting the Google trend search is inexcusable. Is the White House’s plan to say that since 3 million people less are searching for economic depression … they’ve saved or created?

Exit question: Is it possible that less people are doing a Google search for economic depression because less people have the internet as they continue to cut back, lose jobs, and struggle financially?

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Call To Action: Operation Dep 9 Aims To Deny Government Tax Dollars Legally

Posted by Casey on June 27, 2009

SANTA MONICA, CA - APRIL 15:  Five-year-old Ka...
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I was listening to the radio today, and a caller had an interesting idea to temporarily punish the federal government for Cap and Trade as well as other taxes.  Her idea was to claim 9 dependents on our taxes to prevent funds from being taken out of our paychecks.  This idea peaked my interest, and is a legal way to delay paying taxes.

Please note … I am in no way advocating committing an illegal act, or not paying your taxes.  While you can claim 9 dependents to prevent the taxes from being taken out of your check … you still owe that taxes at the end of the year.  So don’t go blowing your money.  The idea isn’t to get into debt, but to delay the government from getting your money in order to put tremendous financial strain on the federal system.

Ideally this would send a strong message to the government to stop increasing our taxes.  But could we really get enough people to do it to make the government feel it?  That’s the question.  So consider this the official launch of:

Operation Dep 9

Go forth and spread the love.

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Barney Frank Leading The Charge For A Second Housing Crisis

Posted by Casey on June 24, 2009

Barney Frank
Image via Wikipedia
Given that Barney Frank is one of the 5 people most responsible for the current housing collapse … how could anyone take him seriously anymore? Especially when he hasn’t learned his lesson, and is working to repeat history.
clipped from
Two U.S. Democratic lawmakers want Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to relax recently tightened standards for mortgages on new condominiums, saying they could threaten the viability of some developments and slow the housing-market recovery, the Wall Street Journal said.
In March, Fannie Mae (FNM.N)(FNM.P) said it would no longer guarantee mortgages on condos in buildings where fewer than 70 percent of the units have been sold, up from 51 percent, the paper said. Freddie Mac (FRE.P)(FRE.N) is due to implement similar policies next month, the paper said.
In a letter to the CEO’s of both companies, Representatives Barney Frank, the chairman of the House Financial Services Committee, and Anthony Weiner warned that a 70 percent sales threshold “may be too onerous” and could lead condo buyers to shun new developments, according to the paper.
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Obama Should Regulate The Pay Of Union Bosses As Well

Posted by Casey on June 11, 2009

He’s been dared, but will he be consistent in his power grab to control corporate compensation?

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After Years Of Providing Free Taxpayer Funded Housing To Katrina Victims, FEMA Sells The Trailers To Them For A Dollar.

Posted by Casey on June 10, 2009

FEMA trailer in front of formerly flooded house
Image via Wikipedia
What a load of crap! We’ve spent nearly 6 billion dollars on these moochers for 4 years. We’ve given them free cash, food, and housing for all that time while they literally did nothing to rebuild their lives. Now, rather than have the balls to evict these pathetic societal leeches, FEMA is going to sell them their trailers for $1.

Wow! What a scam these people have run. All of the freebies in the past, and now they get to buy a house for a buck. No doubt they’ll find a way to give these people land for free, at taxpayer’s expense, so they have a place to put their shiny little trailers.

Un-freaking believable!

clipped from
The federal government is offering 3,400 survivors of hurricanes Katrina and Rita who have not found permanent housing
a chance to buy the temporary federal trailers they live in now for as little as one dollar.

The offer comes 10 days
after the FEMA housing program officially ended and amid growing worries that federal officials would start evicting tenants.

understand that transitions can be a time of uncertainty and no one will face evictions from a temporary unit while these
new measures are implemented,” FEMA said in a statement.

The $5.6 billion housing assistance program that provided the
trailers and hotel rooms to the hurricane victims was supposed to end in 2007. But the deadline was extended by two years
to help more than 5,000 individuals and families still struggling to rebuild their lives. At its peak, 143,000 households
along the Gulf Coast were located in temporary housing units.

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Good Visual Aid To Illustrate The Stimulus Package

Posted by Casey on June 10, 2009

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