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Maybe NY Times Will Stop Bashing Troops Now That They Saved One Of Their Reporters

Posted by Casey on September 9, 2009

Syke … just kidding.  They’ll be back to their old selves soon.


NATO troops freed a kidnapped British reporter for the New York Times in northern Afghanistan on Wednesday, but his Afghan colleague, a British soldier and at least one civilian were killed in the rescue.

New York Times reporters Stephen Farrell and Mohammad Sultan Munadi were abducted while attempting to visit the scene of a NATO air strike that killed scores of Afghans in the north of the country.

In an account published on the newspaper’s website, Farrell said he was freed by commandos during the raid, but Munadi was shot dead in front of him while they tried to run to safety.

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What Happens When A Libtard Tries To Interview The Taliban? A Giant Orgy, Of Course!

Posted by Casey on June 8, 2009

H/t Gatewaypundit

Joanie de Rijke2

They are calling it rape, but clearly it wasn’t rape if she was down with it.

In November 2008 a Dutch journalist, Joanie de Rijke, was abducted by Taliban fighters in Afghanistan. She was held captive, raped repeatedly, and released after six days for a ransom of 100,000 euros ($137,000). After her ordeal, she acknowledged that her captors “did horrible things to me,” but added in several media interviews “They also respected me,” and emphasized “They are not monsters.”

In a speech in the Dutch Parliament last Thursday, the Dutch opposition leader Geert Wilders referred to Joanie de Rijke’s case.

“She was raped, but she was not angry. The journalist who went looking for the Taliban in Afghanistan saw her curiosity end in a cruel ordeal of multiple rape. While this would make others angry or sad, this journalist shows understanding. She says: ‘They also respected me.’ And she was given tea and biscuits.”

By now many of you are confused … welcome to the club. Are we really to believe that a rape occurred, but was ‘ok’ because the raper respected the rapee by giving her tea and biscuits? Maybe a direct quote from the victim adulterer will help sort this out.

During her captivity, de Rijke was raped repeatedly by Gul. In her book In de handen van de Taliban, which she published last month, she writes that the Taliban commander

“could not control his testosterone. I had the impression that afterwards he regretted what had happened. He knew it was wrong.”

The noble savage even “invited her to a threesome,” i.e. to have sex with him and one of his three wives.

Uh huh?

So the rape was ok because she was shown respect, she refuses to paint the Taliban as monsters, and her rapist invited her to join in a threesome (did she accept)?

Given that she is referred to repeatedly as “Mrs.” I am to assume she is married. Here’s my take on this. I don’t think she has stockholm syndrome at all. I believe she is so enamored with the Taliban that she desired a sexual encounter with this man. Then to gain sympathy, notoriety, and save her marriage she claimed the consensual encounter was rape.

Before you all start thinking harsh of me I would like to ask you a question to ponder. Would a rapist ever invite his victim to have a threesome with his wife?

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Attacks In Afghanistan Up 80 Percent Since Obama Became President

Posted by Casey on June 5, 2009

Does anyone else notice a significant lack of media coverage on this? Every time a soldier got a scratch on their arm under Bush the MSM was all over it. It would have been a feeding frenzy right now if Bush were still in office with calls for exit strategies, claims of not caring about our troops, etc.
clipped from
Insurgent use of roadside bombs in Afghanistan has surged 80 percent this year as they remain the No. l killer of foreign troops, a NATO official said Thursday.

The increase since the corresponding period last year includes bombs that detonated or were found by troops before they could explode, said Canadian Brig. Gen. Richard Blanchette, a spokesman for NATO’s International Security Assistance Force.

“This is very serious business for us,” Blanchette told AP Broadcast in an interview from Kabul, Afghanistan.

Roadside bombs have been the primary killer in both the Afghanistan and Iraq wars. Last year, improvised devices and other roadside explosives killed 172 U.S. and coalition troops in Afghanistan. At least 31 American soldiers have been killed by roadside bombs this year, according to the Defense Department.

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Taliban: ‘If We Now Kill Schoolgirls, You Shouldn’t Be Surprised’

Posted by Casey on May 28, 2009

A letter posted by the Taliban threatening violence on girls who attend school.

A letter posted by the Taliban threatening violence on girls who attend school.

They aren’t even trying to hide the fact that they murder children anymore. The Taliban used to blame us for any youth deaths, but we all knew (well, the sane among us knew) that it was the Taliban murdering children.

Spiegal Online:

Responding to threats from the Taliban, at least 10 girls’ schools have shut down near Kunduz in northern Afghanistan. Visiting the schools is a dangerous proposition — a trip leading directly into the heart of Islamist territory.

When the deputy director of Aqtash High School talks of the government, he isn’t referring to Hamid Karzai’s central government in Kabul. Nor does he refer to the provincial administration in Kunduz. “The Taliban are our government,” Bashir says. “They have taken over our region, their commanders give the orders here.”

Bashir is standing in a dusty classroom on the ground floor of his modern school, roughly half an hour from Kunduz by car. As recently as just one month ago, he says, some 400 girls were still coming to the school in three daily shifts to learn reading, writing and arithmetic. Figures and formula are still scrawled across the blackboard.

But now, the girls’ classrooms have been left to deteriorate. The desks and chairs are still laid out in neat rows, but a film of dust has collected, and Bashir stands helplessly in the middle of the room. “Parents in Aqtash are afraid to send their girls to school anymore, after the death threats,” he explains.

Still waiting for the feminist movement to get behind our efforts in Afghanistan. Yep … still waiting.

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Former Gitmo Detainee Running The Show In Afghanistan

Posted by Casey on March 10, 2009

This is what happens when you let terrorists go … they go back to terrorism.  While the most intellectually challenged child comprehends this … libtards simply can’t.

Former Gitmo detainee Abdullah Ghulam Rasoul is leading Taliban militants against Coalition Forces in Southern Afhanistan.

The AP reported:
U.S. officials say the Taliban’s new top operations officer in southern Afghanistan is a former prisoner at the Guantanamo detention center. Pentagon and CIA officials say Abdullah Ghulam Rasoul was among 13 prisoners released to the Afghan government in December 2007. He is now known as Mullah Abdullah Zakir, a name officials say is used by the Taliban leader in charge of operations against U.S. and Afghan forces in southern Afghanistan.

One intelligence official told The Associated Press that Rasoul’s stated mission is to counter the growing U.S. troop surge.

It was not clear from the report if Rasoul was one of the “moderate” Taliban members who Obama would like to negotiate with, or not.

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Meanwhile, back at Gitmo …

clipped from

The five detainees at Guantánamo Bay charged with planning the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks have filed a document with the military commission at the United States naval base there expressing pride at their accomplishment and accepting full responsibility for the killing of nearly 3,000 people.

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Canada Has Lost 79 Soldiers In Afghanistan … Honor Them.

Posted by Casey on March 6, 2008

Our allies in Canada have laid to rest their 79 soldier to be killed in Afghanistan recently. I’m not one to post casualty counts for the good guys like the MSM. I don’t look forward to it like they do, and I don’t think it serves a purpose. However, we Americans sometimes get tunnel vision, and forget that we have allies who rose to the occasion to assist us in the war on terror. I only write this post so you remember who those allies are, and honor their sacrifice. God speed Canada.

The Canadian Press:

KANDAHAR, Afghanistan — Standing silently in the rising sun, a chaplain wept Tuesday as the body of the 79th Canadian soldier killed in Afghanistan left the Kandahar Air Field.

Like the chaplain himself, Trooper Michael Yuki Hayakaze was only days away from leaving this dusty country when he was killed by a roadside bomb Sunday.

He’d been on a resupply mission 45 kilometres west of Kandahar city.

The 25-year-old was a member of the Lord Strathcona’s Horse, an armoured regiment based in Alberta.

He had been in Afghanistan since October, deployed to replace another driver injured by a roadside bomb.

Clutching each others shoulders as they bore his coffin up the tarmac, the pallbearers – his comrades in the field – also wept, tears cutting paths down the dust on their cheeks.

To orders shouted in the various languages of coalition forces in southern Afghanistan, over 2,500 soldiers from several different countries lined the tarmac to salute Hayakaze on his final journey.

Some had just arrived in theatre, their uniforms still free of the dirt that clings to so much in Kandahar.

It was a sombre welcome to the battefield.

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Final South Korean Hostages Freed

Posted by Casey on August 30, 2007

At last the nightmare is over for the hostages, but a new nightmare is about to begin now that the Taliban has been emboldened.


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12 Freed, 7 To Go

Posted by Casey on August 29, 2007

Twelve of the nineteen S. Korean hostages being held in Afghanistan have been freed this morning. We aren’t home free just yet, and don’t forget that the terrorists have already executed some of the hostages.


Taliban militants on Wednesday released 12 of 19 South Korean captives they promised to free under a deal struck with the South Korean government to resolve a nearly six-week hostage crisis.

The deal, reached in direct talks Tuesday between South Korean diplomats and the Taliban, was criticized by one Afghan government minister amid concerns it could embolden the insurgents at a time of rising violence in the country.

If you are curious as to why there are concerns of emboldening the enemy … just look at the deal S. Korea struck with the Taliban.

To secure the release of the church workers, South Korea reaffirmed a pledge it made before the hostage crisis began to withdraw its troops from Afghanistan by the end of this year. Seoul also said it would prevent South Korean Christian missionaries from working in the country, something it had already promised to do.

Needless to say, US and Afghan forces are pissed that S. Korea has now given the Taliban legitimacy, and they rightfully claim that this will make the conflict more difficult and deadly.

An Afghan government minister criticized Seoul for the deal, saying it could embolden the Taliban.

“One has to say that this release under these conditions will make our difficulties in Afghanistan even bigger,” Commerce Minister Amin Farhang told Germany’s Bayerischer Rundfunk radio. “We fear that this decision could become a precedent. The Taliban will continue trying to take hostages to attain their aims in Afghanistan.”

Kidnapping has become a standard tactic of gaining leverage against the enemy, and this time it worked.

While it is sad that they were taken hostage, and some lost their lives, they knew what the risks were before they chose to go to Afghanistan. No one is eluding to that fact.


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Second Christian Hostage Confirmed Dead

Posted by Casey on July 31, 2007

There was speculation that the Taliban executed a second Korean hostage yesterday. Today, the body was found.

Fox News:

Police discovered the body of a second South Korean hostage slain by the Taliban in central Afghanistan while the group threatened Tuesday to kill more hostages if their demands were not met by Wednesday, the latest of several deadlines.

South Korea, meanwhile, pleaded with the international community to set aside the normal practice of refusing to cave into hostage-takers’ demands, as it urged a peaceful resolution to a standoff. Twenty-one South Koreans remain captive.

While I sympathize with South Korea, you can’t cave in to this activity. It will only put more people at risk in the future. As tragic as this is … these people knew there was a risk of this happening, and chose to go anyway.

What we need to do is use every resource available to find them (hopefully alive), and make the kidnappers pay. We have to send a stern message that we will not negotiate … we will kill.


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Marines Expelled From Afghanistan

Posted by Casey on March 23, 2007

The US Marine special operations company was kicked out of Afghanistan by the top US general there for their conduct after an ambush. Lt. Gen. Karl Eikenberry is having the company redeployed to Kuwait after only a few weeks in country of a six month tour, and only about a year as a part of SOCOM.

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