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US Troops Who Get Pregnant To Face Jail Time

Posted by Casey on December 21, 2009

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As a former soldier I can personally attest to how much this irks soldiers. Pregnancy is the female soldier’s equivalent of shooting themselves in the foot to be rotated back home. Causing a self-inflicted wound however usually leads to some form of punishment. Women have been getting away with this for far too long.

FYI, the men who get them pregnant face the same jail time.

Daily Mail:

A top US commander is threatening soldiers who fall pregnant on active service with jail.

Under the new policy, troops expecting a baby face court martial and a possible prison term – and so do the men who made them pregnant.

And the rule applies to married couples at war together, who are expected to make sure their love lives do not interfere with duty.

Usual US Army policy is to send pregnant soldiers home from combat zones within 14 days.

But Major General Anthony Cucolo, who runs US operations in northern Iraq, issued the new orders because he said he was losing too many women with critical skills.

He needed the threat of court martial and jail time as an extra deterrent, he said.

All troops under his command are covered by the extension to the military’s legal code – the first time the US Army has made pregnancy a punishable offence.

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