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Dumbass Celebrities Record New Song To Raise Awareness Of Non-Existent Global Warming

Posted by Casey on September 14, 2009

How do you tell burnouts they’ve done too much dope?  The same way you tell the rest of the retards who believe this garbage.  You overwhelm them with facts until their heads explode.


British rock group Duran Duran and heavy metal band Scorpions are among 55 world celebrities who have joined in recording a song to draw attention to the global warming crisis, organisers said on Monday.

The song is part of a mass media campaign on the threats of climate change organised by the Geneva-based Global Humanitarian Forum, headed by former UN secretary general Kofi Annan.

The song entitled “Beds’r Burning”, which was originally recorded by the Australian group Midnight Oil in the 1980s, can be downloaded from the Internet for free and will be presented to the public at a launch in Paris on October 1.

Ah man … it’s bad enough they’re peddling lies, but to desecrate a classic like “Beds’r Burning?”

This is exactly why I created the ‘Comprehensive Link List Disproving Global Warming.’ 

Now go forth and spread the truth about this myth.

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