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Is This It? Is Obamacare Dead?

Posted by Casey on August 16, 2009

All it takes is a little effort by citizens and for congressional representatives to actually read the legislation they are supposed to vote on. Suddenly, everyone gets a little nervous.


Momentum behind a new government-run health care plan appeared to slow considerably Sunday, as a lead Democratic negotiator called the option a “wasted effort” and President Obama’s health secretary suggested the White House is ready to accept a health care reform package without it.

Sen. Kent Conrad, D-N.D., one of six negotiators trying to hammer out a bipartisan compromise measure on the Senate Finance Committee, told “FOX News Sunday” that the so-called public option simply does not have the votes to pass.

“The fact of the matter is there are not the votes in the United States Senate for the public option. There never have been,” he said. “So to continue to chase that rabbit I think is just a wasted effort.”

I don’t know about in other communities, but here in Vegas we have a couple of local talk show hosts who’ve been all over this before anyone else. For a couple months now Heather Kydd and Casey Hendrickson have been going over the provisions in the bill, and offering free copies of the bill to their listeners so they can read it themselves. They were the first I heard actually read the bill, and pick it apart.

Truth is there are three types of people involved in the health care debate right now. There are those that say anything would be better than what we have … they have no clue what’s going on. That’s an age old statement made by people who lack a substantive argument so they issue a broad, nonsensical statement.

Then there are those who simply attack any type of reform with insults, anger, and conspiracy theory. These are the few that are giving townhallers a bad name by being belligerent, and refusing to listen to anything. Some of the anger is justified when you have a politician lying to you, but they should be respectful towards their fellow citizens who support the health care bill. After all, if someone supports it … chances are they haven’t read it.

Finally, there’s the rest of us. Most people identify that there needs to be some reforms to the current system. However, you don’t destroy the who system when most people are happy with it, and you are just trying to provide coverage for less than 1% of the US population that needs insurance but doesn’t have it. Yes, we are only talking about less than 1% of people that can’t get insurance right now who want it. You don’t destroy a whole system for such a small segment of the population. You make reforms to help that segment. Logical people understand this.

We also understand that allowing the government to decide at the end of the year if we had proper health coverage is very dangerous. Especially when we will be fined for not having what the government deems proper coverage. They haven’t told us what would be considered proper yet.

This bill did nothing but establish penalties for us and private businesses based on arbitrary government requirements that have yet to be established. It also simply provided the government with the authority to set standards in the future. Which is why those who support it usually haven’t read it. It doesn’t tell anyone what coverage or benefits you’ll get … how can you support a bill that does little but advocate government penalties on you?

This never was about reform. It was only about an unconstitutional power grab. If they wanted to fix the problems with health care in this country … they could have. For much cheaper, and with little opposition. They didn’t choose that route.

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7 Responses to “Is This It? Is Obamacare Dead?”

  1. Godless American said

    What is Obamacare? Since he hasn’t written anything, and there’s at least four different bills going through committees, what specifically is it? Is it anything that has to do with Obama and healthcare?

    • Host said

      Surely you know that Obamacare refers to his plan for universal health care. The one he’s pushing, but hasn’t read, and didn’t write.

  2. Godless American said

    Oh, you mean the proposal that Obama made to Congress that he would like them to write, where by he stated vaguely that he wants everyone in America to receive healthcare.

    Because, there is no bill that supports universal healthcare. I, actually, want universal healthcare; I’d like the whole thing socialized, as do many actual liberals. Not the politicians you call liberals, which aren’t, but real liberals. Kucinich is an excellent example of a liberal politician. He and Obama have very little in common. Probably about the same as Huckabee and McCain.

    So, I’m not sure what you’ve been watching or reading. But, what you’re talking about is fantasy. Sounds good though. Where do I sign on for universal healthcare?

    • Host said

      The health care bill is, in fact, universal health care if you read it. The lie is that the private sector will be spared. I’m actually all for your right to choose universal health care. However, only YOU should pay for it. I’ll keep my private system, and not contribute to your care. You’ll contribute to your care, and not mine. Problem is, the selfishness of government will never allow us to have that arrangement. They’ll argue that I need to pay for you in order to get more money … which is theft.

  3. Godless American said

    You already are paying for it. You’re paying the insurance company for your insurance, then you’re paying taxes that pay for subsidizing health care providers like your insurance companies. You, like many others, have been punked by the insurance companies for so long you don’t even know that you’re being screwed.

    Just wait, when you really need the insurance company, you’ll find that they won’t cover you or will drop you from their coverage. This is after you’ve been paying insurance for years.

    This entire argument against the public option is ignorant. You haven’t read the bill, you wouldn’t even understand half of what the bill says. Now, universal healthcare is what America needs. Just like every single other industrialized nation in the world. We’re number 37 in healthcare in the world. We’re last as far as cost and coverage provided. Those are disputed facts, that’s reality. I teach foreigners, I’ve traveled to over a dozen countries. I’ve never met a single person from any country with nationalized healthcare that would prefer our system over theirs. There’s arguments about their healthcare, but it’s never about ending it, it’s about how to improve it even more.

    America is going to collapse under the weight of it’s beloved capitalism. To think that purity in capitalism is the answer to all our problems is the height of ignorance and inhumane behavior. There’s got to be something more important than money.

    • Host said

      Wow, you clearly don’t know how insurance works, but that’s fine.

      I’m not being punked by anyone. I’m free to choose my plan, shop around, or not get insurance at all and pay cash (which saves me tons of money by the way). I prefer medical savings accounts where I am in full control of my medical finances, and because I pay cash I save hundreds of dollars per doctor visit while not having to pay an insurance premium which saves me thousands every year. Plus, it’s tax free unless I choose to take the money out for non-medical purposes.

      There is no argument against a medical savings account being the most fair to the average person … literally none. The government is out of it, and so is the insurance company. It comes down to you and your doctor … the way it is supposed to be. HR 3200 makes these accounts extinct.

      I’ll agree with you about subsidies. No private business should ever get government subsidies, but that’s the government punking the people more than the insurance industry. All that means is the government has created a way to have more influence over a private industry. A subsidy makes the company an indentured servant to government. It doesn’t make the customer a slave to the company, because the government is pulling the strings. Do this, or else we’ll pull your subsidy. So the customer and company end up at the alter of government.

      I personally don’t mind funding a safety net via medicare or VA with my tax dollars, but I expect them to be properly run. Which they aren’t right now.

  4. SillyMetaphor said

    ObamaCare: I pay and Obama’s the hero. With a great start like this, might I hope for gangs in the hospitals within 10 years?

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