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For The Record, Obama DID Look At Her Butt

Posted by Casey on July 11, 2009

504x_obama_assAdmit it, he most definitely looked at the 16 year old’s rear end.

Is it a big deal?

It should be more of a big deal than Bush’s own ass conspiracy.

At least with Bush he was at the Olympics, mingling with adults, and he was asked to participate in a traditional volleyball celebration.

Now the Bush incident should never have been a big deal at all, but it was portrayed as infidelity and the like by our press.  Remember, Bush was asked to smack Misty May-Treanor’s ass, but he refused.

Sarkozy doesn’t even try to hide it.

2 Responses to “For The Record, Obama DID Look At Her Butt”

  1. Teddi said

    Watch the complete video. Why are you trying to perpetuate a flat out lie?

  2. Host said

    I did … he looked at her butt. Any way you cut it. Notice how the girl he helped down had to grab his arm, and he never looked back at her. Again, it really isn’t a big deal, but he DID look.

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