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Relax, Ensign Was Separated From His Wife At The Time

Posted by Casey on June 16, 2009

My God people.  What a way to panic.  From despondent conservatives who feel betrayed to unrealistic liberals demanding that Ensign resign since he demanded Clinton resign. Please keep in mind that Ensign and his wife were separated at the time, and this is a case of blackmail. I’ll let you form your own moral opinions on your own.

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One Response to “Relax, Ensign Was Separated From His Wife At The Time”

  1. Samual Wren said

    Sadly, if you check out the information released by Ensign’s own people it appears that he was not separated when the affair began:

    “John and Darlene Ensign were separated from April to July 2008, the senator’s spokesman, Tory Mazzola, confirmed Tuesday evening.

    That would indicate the affair began five months before the couple separated and ended a month after they got back together.”

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