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Will The REAL Anti-War Vets Stand Up

Posted by Casey on June 11, 2009

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The false veteran anti-war movement has been epidemic for some time now going back all the way to 9/11. It seems like every few months we find out that one of the “veterans” leading the charge against the war never actually served. Most of the time we find that they are prominent members of well known anti-war groups. Talk about the blind leading the blind.

The latest installment actually slipped by me for a few weeks. Sorry, I’ve been really busy.

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You remember Jessie MacBeth, don’t you? He was the fake “Army Ranger” thug who lied about serving in Iraq and was promoted by the Iraq Veterans Against the War until milbloggers exposed him as a total fraud.

Well, meet a guy who makes Jessie MacBeth look like a choir boy.

And add this story to the ever-growing file of bogus Winter Soldier Syndrome tales from MacBeth and Micah Wright to Josh Lansdale and Amorita Randall.

“Rick Duncan” of Colorado Springs was a prominent anti-war activist who claimed to have served in Iraq on three tours of duty AND survived the 9/11 attack on the Pentagon. He has now been unmasked as a lying mental patient (via Colorado Springs Gazette with a big hat tip to This Ain’t Hell):

This Ain’t Hell is covering this flawlessly.

Here’s an old post of mine migrated over here from the old site on this very subject.

Don’t forget about the time Harry Reid demanded that Rush Limbaugh apologize to these frauds.

So why are these fakes so successful? Well, the liberal population didn’t ever serve their country for the most part. Therefore they simply can’t identify a real veteran as is perfectly illustrated here.

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2 Responses to “Will The REAL Anti-War Vets Stand Up”

  1. funny said

    Love how you guys distort the truth. He wasn’t even a member of IVAW because he knew they check DD214s. So you found 4 or 5 guys who weren’t credible out of how many???

    • Host said

      Nice try, but he was featured prominently in several IVAW videos, and worked closely with them. The IVAW has a problem with not catching the frauds either, and it has been well documented.

      I suppose I could have provided links to all of the frauds discovered, but that would require far more time and space than is appropriate for a blog. The few highlighted here are the prominent cases that were discovered because the anti-war movement chose them to be the faces of their cause. Do you honestly expect me to believe that there are no better stories (that are legitimate) than what these frauds have put forth?

      Besides, you don’t care about total numbers anyway. Otherwise you would respect that the vast majority of Iraq veterans support the war. Yet you choose to hang on the words of a statistically insignificant number of veterans who oppose the conflict.

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