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Still Waiting For MSM To Accuse Obama Of Tampering With Rising Oil Prices

Posted by Casey on June 9, 2009

Petroleum field at Moreni in the 1920s
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Remember how the media, and liberals with BDS, would instantly attack Bush (the oilman) when the price of oil would go up?  Remember how they never gave him credit when oil went down?

Since oil is on the rise right now with no ceiling in sight … where are the same such allegations against Obama?

Could it be that after years of proving our point with facts, that the president has no power over oil prices, the MSM and liberal bloggers finally get it?  Or could it be that they simply no longer feel the need to perpetuate those same lies since their guy is in office now?

Why so many of you continue to allow yourselves to be fooled by these people is beyond me.

UPDATE: Where’s the MSM and liberal bloggers with their criticism of the fact that Obama has invoked Jesus more than Bush did … already?  Is it ok because he is simply trying to prove to everyone he’s a Christian?  Why so silent hypocites?

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