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Hippie Liberals Celebrate Their Filthy Body Odor By Demanding You Not Wear Perfume

Posted by Casey on June 9, 2009

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I am a restaurant industry professional. I am often faced with the issue of having guests arrive at the restaurant reeking of cologne or perfume. To say that this is both obnoxious, and in some cases nauseating, is putting it lightly. Can you explain to your readers to impress upon them the importance of not overdoing the use of cologne or perfume when going to a restaurant?

I feel — and smell — your pain. To me it’s almost worse than secondhand smoke. I’ve had clouds of stinky floral perfumes engulf me as I try to enjoy my meal. Not only does everything end up tasting like a truckload of gardenias, I leave with a headache.

There has to be a happy medium here. We’ll wear less cologne and perfume if they’ll just shower and wear deodorant. Of course, men’s cologne would be less obnoxious if it actually smelled like something a man would wear instead of girlie perfume.
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