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EPA Says Playgrounds Killing Us All

Posted by Casey on June 6, 2009

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Can you greenies please just make up your minds!

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For years, the Environmental Protection Agency has endorsed the recycling of ground-up tires to cushion the surfaces of children’s playgrounds and sports fields — the same material used for the Obama family’s new White House playground.

Now, the agency is having second thoughts.

EPA scientists are worried that they don’t have enough information about potential health risks from chemicals in the rubber material, which is popular because it decreases playground injuries and is low maintenance and weatherproof.

The concerns are disclosed in internal agency documents about a study the EPA is conducting of air and surface samples at four fields and playgrounds that use recycled tires. The study was prompted by other research suggesting potential hazards from repeated exposure to bits of shredded tire that can contain carcinogens and other chemicals, according to the documents.

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Can we recycle or not?

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