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Army: We Could Totally Kick N. Korea’s Ass Right Now

Posted by Casey on May 29, 2009

While our president continues to completely ignore N. Korea’s saber rattling, and all you pacifists have been proven wrong about how effective talking with them could be, our military is ready to kick some ass.

Defense Secretary Robert Gates is playing down the tensions stemming from North Korea’s nuclear and missile tests this week, but the Army’s top officer says the U.S. could fight an old-fashioned war against the communist regime if necessary.

Asked whether the American forces would be prepared to fight if war broke out between South Korea and North Korea, Gen. George Casey replied, “The short answer is yes.” But he added that it would probably take a little bit longer to “shift gears” away from the type of counterinsurgency fighting that now occupies the Army.

Casey said his usual rule for how long it would take the Army to gear up for a new “conventional” war is about 90 days. But he says that doesn’t mean it would take 90 days for the U.S. to effectively fight the North’s million-man army.



11 Responses to “Army: We Could Totally Kick N. Korea’s Ass Right Now”

  1. We must talk!

    Please email me at


  2. Who Cares said

    Seems ridiculous, why were those 2 reporters even over there?

    Meanwhile the USA helped kill over 300 reporters in Iraq in the last few years…
    I guess that was ok……


  3. Ernest T. Bass said

    Response to “Who Cares”. BS

  4. Me said

    What exactly is N,korea up to,what are their intentions?
    If they are at peace ,why are they going to fire a missle at Hawaii? A step in the opposite direction for PEACE.Thumbs down.

    • Host said

      I don’t know about you guys, but when another country says they plan to annihilate us … I expect my president to say something.

  5. Miles Matthews said

    Fuck N Korea! bastards have no idea what we would do to them. I still believe in america fully & would die over and again for my beliefs. anybody who thinks we should talk to them and find peace… not gonna happen they do not want it. open your eyes!!

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  7. Host said

    Pentagon continues to belittle N. Korea:

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