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Veteran Wakes Up On Memorial Day To See Someone Burned His Flag

Posted by Casey on May 27, 2009

Earlier I posted about the Texas woman who was forced to take down her “offensive” American flag she displayed for Memorial Day. She is also a blue star mother.

Today I noticed a story in my local news about a veteran who woke up on Memorial Day to find that his flag had been burned by a vandal.

It’s one Las Vegas man’s yearly Memorial Day tradition: flying his American flag. But what Charles Husband discovered early Sunday morning shocked and saddened him. The flag he so proudly displayed had been burned.

Since we brought you this story Sunday, several veterans came forward to donate their flags.

“I didn’t see it waving,” Husband explains. “I looked and it was burnt.”

It was a bad case of vandalism which turned into patriotism. “It symbolizes America – how beautiful it is,” said Husband.

When word got out that Charles Husband’s flag had been burned, veterans like Jeff Durbin were watching and took action. “I went on the website. I started looking for companies (that would) deliver (to him) rapidly… good quality.”


2 Responses to “Veteran Wakes Up On Memorial Day To See Someone Burned His Flag”

  1. Jeff Durbin, MSgt, USAF, Ret. said

    Thanks for mentioning this on your blog. However, as a 23 year active duty retiree of the USAF, it bothered me to no end, that evening on the local news when I learned of this.

    I took the time to buy this person (ps: he is not a veteran, but a severely handicapped 48 year old man, who was in a traumatic car accident, and was in a coma for 4 months and now suffers from brain difficulties).

    After I visited his home and told him, I would take care of getting him a good replacement flag, I got one from a local flag company here in Las Vegas.

    On Tuesday, after the Memorial Day Monday, I contact Senator Ensign of Nevada’s office and ask if they could supply him with a Congressional Flag. These are flags that are flown over the Capitol.

    Senator Ensign and his staff immediately jumped on this issue and within days, Senator Ensign personally present to Mr. Charles Husband a Congressional Flag.

    Mr. Husband is going to honor that flag in a flag casing once he can come up with the funds.

    Also, another veteran who owns a flag pole business has offered to install a properly designed flag pole outside this citizen’s home. Currently, they need to coordinate with the property management company, as Mr. Charles Husband lives in an apartment complex.

    I proposed that they put the flagpole in front of the main office and let Mr. Charles Husband fly his flag there, especially since the veteran who owns the flagpole company has offered to put an adequate and professional pole at his expense.

    Again, thanks for running the article. I did not do what I did out of anything but anger that some scum bag burnt the American Flag of which I and millions others served under. Again, thanks.

    Jeff Durbin, MSgt, USAF, Ret.
    7473 Glorious Sun Drive
    Las Vegas, Nevada 89178

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