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Obama Laughs At Rush Limbaugh Joke Calling Him A Terrorist, Drug Addict, & Hoping He Dies

Posted by Casey on May 11, 2009

Keep it classy Mr. President. Keep it classy.

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9 Responses to “Obama Laughs At Rush Limbaugh Joke Calling Him A Terrorist, Drug Addict, & Hoping He Dies”

  1. […] Obama Laughs At Rush Limbaugh Joke Calling Him A Terrorist, Drug Addict, & Hoping He Dies […]

  2. Davis said

    I think it’s time to start talking about impeachment

    • Host said

      What grounds do we have for impeachment though Davis. Obama hasn’t broken any laws, and therefore is not worthy of impeachment. However, he has approved several pieces of unconstitutional legislation put forth by congress.

      I think our society has become to quick to call for impeachment. Think about the impeachment talks with Bush. He broke no laws, but they still wanted to impeach him. You don’t impeach because you disagree. They must break laws to qualify. Otherwise you have to impeach with your vote.

      Thanks for commenting.

      • Will said

        It’s probably not time to impeach him, but it is certainly a joke that was in poor taste at best, and it reflects badly on our country that the President is laughing at something that is so guttural. What does that say to the world?

        I am also irked that his comments are taken so out of context. He doesn’t want the US to fail, he wants Obama’s socialist policies to fail. There is a huge difference between that; moreover, Rush is right when he wants Obama’s policies to fail because the US cannot work if we are socialist.

  3. R Johnson said

    I didn’t realize that Rush Limbaugh’s listeners / followers were so emotionally sensitive and fragile.

    I’d hate to think what kind of reaction the lock and step ditto-heads would have if Wanda Sykes had suggested that El Rushmo be shackled at Club Gitmo or thrown onto the fratboy pile of naked men at Abu Ghraib.

    Obama is now “the decider”. Get over it.

  4. Host said

    Obama is a Muslim terrorist who is addicted to cocaine, and I hope he dies while being waterboarded.

    See, it’s not funny is it?

    I’ve never heard Rush call for the death of a political rival. Even so, it wouldn’t matter if he had. He’s an entertainer … Obama is the President of the United States. He should conduct himself with dignity and honor, but he failed to do so. The fact that the White House has been back peddling on the issue to throw Wanda Sykes under the bus proves they know he behaved like a juvenile in the school yard.

  5. Cza82 said

    Oh wow! That’s hilarious! It’s funny cus it’s true.
    The person who thinks they should impeach him because he laughed at a funny joke?!? Please…
    silly little people. Haha I loved this clip

    • Host said

      Impeachment is ridiculous … almost as ridiculous as lying and joking about another person. Someone who has done a hell of a lot more for humanity and the military than the president has.

      • Cza82 said

        Wierd… Think how contradictory your statement sounds. How can one help humanity by helping the military fight an unjust and unwarrented war. Many people would concider the actions of the miitary genocide

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