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It’s Official: The Great Uniter Is The Most Polarizing President Ever

Posted by Casey on April 6, 2009

We tried warning all of you that Obama is no uniter, but you didn’t listen. He hasn’t united our allies … he’s angered more of them than Bush. He hasn’t mended fences with our enemies … they hate him just as much as Bush. Plus, he is the worst in history at uniting Americans.

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2 Responses to “It’s Official: The Great Uniter Is The Most Polarizing President Ever”

  1. Steve May said

    More Republican crap . . . misleading with skewed statistics.

    Look CLOSELY at the graph. All it shows is that Democrats give new Presidents a chance while narrow-minded, biased Republicans only give Republican Presidents a chance. With both President Obama and President Clinton, the GOP-ers were under 30%. That’s the reason for the MISLEADING difference in R-D Approval. There is no such thing really as “R Approval” for a Democrat.

  2. freedomisnotfree01 said

    Steve May,
    Clearly you did not actually read the article explaining the above graph.

    Here is the last paragraph.

    “The partisan gap in Bill Clinton’s early days was also substantially smaller than what Obama faces, largely because Democrats were less enthusiastic about Clinton. In early April 1993, 71% of Democrats approved of Clinton’s job performance, which is 17 points lower than Obama’s current job approval among Democrats. Republican ratings of Clinton at that point (26%) are comparable to their current ratings of Obama today (27%).

    The growing partisan divide in presidential approval ratings is part of a long-term trend. Going back in time, partisanship was far less evident in the early job approval ratings for both Jimmy Carter and Richard Nixon. In fact, a majority of Republicans (56%) approved of Carter’s job performance in late March 1977,and a majority of Democrats (55%) approved of Nixon’s performance at a comparable point in his first term.

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