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Welcome Sham Wow Review Readers

Posted by Casey on March 30, 2009

Not quite sure what happened, but I’ve had about 400 hits a day over the weekend for my Sham Wow review.  Just wanted to take a moment to say hi to all of you.

Needs of the Many is mostly a political blog, but I have a popular segment called “Fights Back.”  It’s a play off of the old TV show “Fight Back.”  I do not get paid for my reviews, and I have not been contacted by any company to review any product.  The reviews I do are only of products I personally have used in my home.

If you have any suggestions for a product review … let me know.  To view other product reviews just click on “Fights Back” in the topics section.


One Response to “Welcome Sham Wow Review Readers”

  1. cardiogirl said

    Your hits went up because Vince had a scuffle with a hooker. Seems he payed her 1,000 clams to knock boots. They made it to the hotel room when he kissed her.

    She bit his tongue and wouldn’t let go. They started to pummel each other and the police were called. The Smoking Gun has both their mugshots. It’s quite hilarious.

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