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The Retards In California Are At It Again

Posted by Casey on March 26, 2009

This time they are going after the color of your car. Sound crazy? Well it is, but since when do greenies use science to make their case. By now you’ve heard about the proposed ban on black cars, but you should know that it is a ban on ALL dark hue cars … not just black.

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In a move that will likely get California’s consumers in a huff, impending legislation may soon restrict the paint color options for Golden State residents looking for their next new vehicle. The specific colors that are currently on the chopping block are all dark hues, with the worst offender seemingly the most innocuous color you could think of: Black. What could California possibly have against these colors, you ask? Apparently, the California Air Resources Board figures that the climate control systems of dark colored cars need to work harder than their lighter siblings – especially after sitting in the sun for a few hours.

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For everyone with some semblance of common sense left, you know that dark cars absorb heat. Thereby cooling the air around them. Lighter colored cars have the exact opposite effect. They reflect heat, and make the air around them hotter.

The legislation is not really based on the effect of the planet’s air temperatures do to the hue of the cars though. It is based on the temperature inside the car, and how much the AC works to cool it off. Since darker cars retain more heat … the AC works a little harder to cool the vehicle. This causes your carbon footprint to increase, or so they say. We all know the whole carbon footprint crap is BS anyway.

However, we have already addressed the efficiency of the automobile’s AC, and we continue to make progress. Remember when cars used to use R12 to cool down the car? For you car noobs … that’s freon. We don’t use freon anymore for a host of reasons, but the main reasons are that it is a pollutant and it is not as energy efficient as R134a. Most modern vehicles us R134a to fuel the car’s AC nowadays, and many people have converted their older freon using cars to R134a.

What does all this mean? It means we completely altered the AC systems of our cars, but a couple of retarded greenies don’t think it’s enough. I wonder how long it will take before we regress to yesteryear when cars rarely came with an AC.

Make sure you guys look out for this proposed ban on car colors to be linked to the “climate change mitigation and adaptation fee” whose home resides in California. This is nearly as dumb as the federal stimulus bill that includes funding for a national car crushing campaign to destroy, and effectively outlaw, many trucks or SUVs.

The color of your car is just another way to scare you by using the politics of fear. Fear of something that literally DOES NOT EXIST anymore, and was never man-made to begin with. At what point will lawmakers finally acknowledge that the planet is continuing to cool, and reverse course by requiring us to drive gas-guzzling SUVs?

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