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UPDATE: Hitler Child Taken From Parents

Posted by Casey on January 14, 2009

On December 18 I told you about the parents who named their kids after prominent Nazis … including Hitler.

Authorities have now taken the kids into protective custody.

What do you think? Should children named after Nazis be taken away for child abuse?

One Response to “UPDATE: Hitler Child Taken From Parents”

  1. Remo said

    (The theme song for this segmant should habve been Johnny Cash “a Boy named Sue”)

    People talk about the trauma of removing the boy; with that name he will have trauma every day of his life. He’ll be the toughest kid on the block. So, why haven’t they removed Moxey Crimefighter Jillette from her parents? Is Harry Reid too slow on this??? Will they be removing kids named Barack Obama in 4 years if the economy crashes?

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