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Buy A Ford, Or You’re A Socialist … Period!

Posted by Casey on December 23, 2008


When it comes to American cars, there has been no debate that the Ford brand produces the highest quality vehicles. Unless, of course, you are a juvenile who clings to the old “Fixed Or Repaired Daily” patheticism. Ford has been producing very high quality vehicles for several years now. GM has had some solid vehicles of their own, but per capita Ford has had the superior product lately. Chrysler is crap, and really isn’t worthy of mention when discussing quality.

Ford Motor Company is also the safest manufacturer in the world. Shocking, I know. It takes a lot for people to shake loose the cobwebs of conventional wisdom about American cars, but it is the truth. These things are likely the reason Ford is in better shape than the other two financially.

I’m not advocating you buying a Ford because of what I mentioned above. I think you should buy a Ford because they are the only ones who didn’t take the bailout money from the federal government. Can you fathom such a strategic move in this day and age? Ford actually said they did not want to steal money from the taxpayer.

That makes Ford the only one of the “big 3” to reject socialism … for the time being. That deserves a reward in the form of your business. Don’t support socialism … buy a Ford.

7 Responses to “Buy A Ford, Or You’re A Socialist … Period!”

  1. aApe said

    I _am_ a socialist, and I just bought a new Toyota.

  2. lol@you said

    I’d much rather continue buying foreign, and get a better car for a better price.

  3. Phil said

    I had a 95 Ford Taurus it was a FIX OR REPAIR DAILY car No thank you on buying another.

  4. Host said

    Too bad you guys didn’t read the post.

    I had an ’83 Toyota … what a piece of crap. Does that mean Toyota makes a crappy car now? No. Ford doesn’t make a bad product simply because you had a bad one 13 years ago. Come on, seriously dude?

    Besides, Toyota has lost to Mercury in quality testing the past few years in a row. Mercury is a Ford product. It’s time to start researching your new vehicles instead of holding on to tiresome myths.

  5. I have a Ford Mustang that runs well.

    Either Ford is spending too much to make cars, or its marketing campaign is insufficient to get people to buy cars that are significantly more expensive than similar cars.

    • Host said

      You’re close Michael. Ford does spend too much per car, but it isn’t in the manufacturing costs. It is the labor cost, and not the cost of current labor. America’s “big 3” lose money on each car which cost the same to build as foreign cars because of old union contracts. The union worker is destroying the American auto industry.

  6. rob kunkel said

    Yeah Buy Ford, you’re right. Folks with little stories about the cars they one owned are so short sited. We need jobs, Ford makes the cars, they work, Ford didn’t take the bail out, GM is totally lame and I need my IRA Stock to go up. I’m tired of working. rob roy kunkel on facebook says more.

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