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Fights Back: Pedi Paws Product Review

Posted by Casey on December 16, 2008

You can get this product for $9.99 now at most retailers.

You can get this product for $9.99 now at most retailers.

In the second installment of Fights Back I review the Pedi Paws pet nail trimming scam, er, device.  I should have added this review shortly after the Sham Wow review, but have been derelict in my duties.


I have two dogs and figured the Pedi Paws could save me some money.  My bigger dog has black nails with long quicks, and must be put to sleep to trim her nails.  Otherwise you are risking a lot of pain for her by trimming her nails.  So I had wanted the Pedi Paws for some time.  Our second dog is smaller, and very skiddish about getting his nails clipped.  Frankly, I was tired of the drama.

First Impressions:

Once I got the Pedi Paws home, I looked it over and determined the design had promise.  I immediately used the Pedi Paws on my big dog because she is calmer than the medium dog.  I turned the Pedi Paws on and was pleased with the power it seemed to offer.  However, upon contact with my dog’s nail the Pedi Paws stopped!  Dead in its tracks!  I moved it away from her nail, and it was fine.  I tried again … stopped!  Uh oh, the Pedi Paws didn’t have the power to sand my large dog’s nails.  The motor that powers the sand paper would stop with any small about of pressure on my dog’s nails … not good.

I didn’t give up though.  I tried lightly, and barely, touching the tip of my dog’s nail to trim it down.  I did work … a little.  It didn’t trim her nails though, and provided little benefit other than rounding the very tip of her nail.  It also took way too long to get even that mediocre result.  For my large dog’s nails … the Pedi Paws failed miserably.

She is a big dog though.  Maybe the Pedi Paws would work better on the smaller dog.

He’s a medium size dog with much smaller nails than the other, but he is afraid of buzzing things.  The Pedi Paws comes with the usual “introduce your pet to this device so they aren’t afraid” instructions that provide little benefit for nervous pets.  He bite the Pedi Paws as if it were his toy, even running, but would freak out the moment it touched his nails.  We finally got him pinned after an hour of trying the recommended introduction methods included with Pedi Paws.

The Pedi Paws worked much better on the smaller nails, but still was ineffective overall.  It took forever for the Pedi Paws to sand down the tips of his nails, and would again stop do to the lack of motor power.

Final Conclusion:

The Pedi Paws is a good idea poorly implemented at best.  Sanding down the nails of your pet is not a bad idea, but you need a motor with the power to actually accomplish the goal.  Otherwise the Pedi Paws is a vibrating sex toy, and nothing more.

DO NOT USE THIS PRODUCT ON SKIDDISH PETS … PERIOD!! There is no amount of introductions that will make a pet like having their nails cut.  Traditional clippers are much faster, and they don’t have the added obstacle of the vibrations tickling you pet’s feet.

While the Pedi Paws does not trim the nails of medium to larger pets it may be useful for calm cats or ferrets.  I would not recommend Pedi Paws for anything over 6-7 lbs.  It simply does not work due to lack of power for the motor.  Save your money, or re-gift your Pedi Paws for the upcoming holidays.

Awesome Bonus Review:

Notice the picture above has the Pedi Paws coming with the Shed Ender.  We also have the Shed Ender (got it two days ago).  It too does not accomplish its stated purpose.  My dogs still shed like crazy, but they do love being brushed with the Shed Ender.  Too bad I was able to accomplish that with a 50 cent comb before … another re-gift.  I guess this company (Telebrands) is only into half-assed products.


6 Responses to “Fights Back: Pedi Paws Product Review”

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  2. Stacy said

    Well, crap, Casey…I bought the Pedi Paws too! Ha! I actually haven’t taken it out of the box yet, but our three cats hate getting their claws trimmed. Hopefully it will work better on them, but after your review, I’m not optimistic.

    Happy holidays!

  3. Host said

    I hope it works for you. I think cats and smaller animals should be fine.

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  5. Terri said

    Don’t buy from Telebrands. They gave my card # to another company and that company billed my credit card $139.99 without me knowing it. I recieved a check for $8.25 from Pedipaws months after I had purchased my Pedipaws Upon reading the small print on back of the check, it stated that depositing the check would automatically enroll me in ID Safety at 139.99 a year. I did not cash the check and they still hit my account. I called Telebrands(Pedipaws) to ask why my private info was made available to this other company, they started talking over me and wouldn’t listen to another word. After I asked for a supervisor I was hung up on. I called back to another Customer Service person and soon as I mentioned the check I had received, he started saying “hello”, “hello”, and acted like he couldn’t hear me and then hung up. I don’t know how it is legal to give out credit info to other companies but this is what happened to me. I hope Karma takes a big bite out of his ass!

  6. Heather said

    Just got this product, and is by far the worst pet grooming tool I have ever bought. It doesn’t turn off for me when it touches the nail, but sure as hell scares my dog (German Shepherd) until she’s panicking.

    I honestly don’t recommend this to anyone unless you have a calm dog/cat.

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