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The Best Story You’ll Read This Weekend … Guaran-damn-teed

Posted by Casey on November 15, 2008

Wow! I was visiting Casey Hendrickson’s Myspace when I found his latest post. You really are going to love this story.
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You are going to be amazed at this story.

I was stumbling around the internet when I found a tremendous post on the last pictures taken of, and by, various people.� The post features amazing stories of famous, and non-famous, people alike.� One such person was Bill Biggart, and quite possibly the most amazing photo I’ve ever seen.

Here’s the photo:

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Notice the date on the photo, and the iconic image contained within the photo as well.

This photo was taken by Bill Biggart on 9/11/2001 in New York City after the terrorist attacks.� The picture is of the rubble from the first of the twin towers to collapse, and was taken at 10:28am and :24 seconds.� The second tower fell at 10:30am.� Notice where Bill was standing at that time … he was killed by the second tower’s collapse.� This is Bill Biggart’s last photo.

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