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Racist Students Assault College Freshman

Posted by Casey on November 13, 2008

I just gave you the headline the news is too afraid to give you, but it is the truth.

An Augsburg College student says she was attacked and punched on election night, because of her support for Sarah Palin. 18-year-old Annie Grossmann tells KARE 11 she was assaulted after attending an election night party. “They saw the pin and they started calling me racist, and I’ve never seen these girls before,” Grossmann. Grossmann says 4 women confronted here, one of them grabbed her, began shouting at her, and wouldn’t let her go.

“After about 5 minutes or so I just got really sick of it, just holding me there by force. So I kind of pushed her back and started walking away. She grabbed me by the shoulder, I turned around, and she punched me in the eye,” she said. Bruce Grossmann, her father, says the punch caused his daughter to hit her head on a wall behind her.

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Black students attack a white student while calling white student racist for wearing a Palin pin. Hypocrisy is what you get when you lack the ability to look into a mirror.


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