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Someone Gave Kim Jong Ill Some Chicken Soup

Posted by Casey on October 28, 2008

Clearly he feels better, or perhaps his government is just making a desperate attempt to hold onto power while he is ill.
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North Korea threatened Tuesday to turn South Korea into “debris” in an unusually strong statement that demanded Seoul halt what the communist state called its policy of confrontation.

It was issued amid worsening relations between the Koreas, with the North angry about anti-Pyongyang leaflets floated across the border by activists and defector groups based in the South.

Pyongyang has also complained about reports by South Korean media over the health of its leader Kim Jong-Il , who is said to have suffered a stroke.

“The puppet authorities (Seoul) had better bear in mind that the advanced pre-emptive strike of our own style will reduce everything… to debris, not just setting them on fire,” the North’s military said.


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