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Media Elites Say What We All Know … Democrats Have Launched More Negative Attacks Than Republicans.

Posted by Casey on October 28, 2008

Basically, it was an event to sit down and rip MSNBC for being a bunch of idiots. Apparently MSNBC has gone so far overboard in its biased coverage that it is now considered an embarrassment by even liberal media elites.
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In a room full of television industry executives, no one seemed
inclined to defend MSNBC on Monday for what some were calling its
lopsidedly liberal coverage of the presidential election.

The cable news channel is “completely out of control,” said
writer-producer Linda Bloodworth-Thomason, a self-proclaimed
liberal Democrat.

She added that she would prefer a lunch date with right-leaning Fox
News star Sean Hannity over left-leaning MSNBC star Keith

Olbermann was criticized by many who attended Monday’s luncheon
sponsored by the Caucus for Producers, Writers & Directors at
the Beverly Hills Hotel. The event was dubbed “Hollywood, America
and Election ’08.”

They were especially upset with the baseless attacks on Gov. Palin.

Bloodworth-Thomason and others seemed especially critical of the
way MSNBC -- and other media -- has attacked Republican vice
presidential candidate Sarah Palin while demeaning her

"We should stop the demonizing," she said, adding that Democrats
have been worse than Republicans as far as personal attacks on
candidates are concerned. "It diminishes us," she said of her
fellow Democrats. She stressed, though, that it's Palin's
small-town American roots she wishes to defend and not her politics
or policies.

Bloodworth-Thomason even suggested a defense of Palin and her
supporters should be written into TV programming, just as she went
out of her way to portray Southern women as smart in her hit TV
show "Designing Women."

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For crying out loud people … even the liberal media admits they are liberally biased. Check out the full story to hear them admit that CNN is also liberally biased.

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