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School Textbook Has 15 Pages Of Pro-Obama Material

Posted by Casey on October 15, 2008

We’re still getting more info on this, but it is unusual at best, and blatantly partisan brainwashing at worst.

The mom who has exposed this being scorned as a psycho or something, but having this much coverage of a person who really hasn’t accomplished much in the grand scheme of things is questionable. If Obama doesn’t win he’ll likely vanish into obscurity like all the other failed candidates. At least until he runs again so this much attention in a textbook is too presumptive.

Fox says the textbook section is a full 20 pages, but I don’t know how many actually discuss Obama.

So not only do we have a new textbook including an historical figure that we may all soon forget about, but we have a teacher who required students to write anti-Palin essays with no punishment, and teachers unions out there openly supporting Obama in the classroom.


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