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British Authorities Hang Up On Kidnapped Teen Who Later Died

Posted by Casey on October 14, 2008

I guess the US isn’t the only place with 911 problems.


Hannah Foster, 17, dialed the emergency services in the hope that the operator would be able to hear the nature of her conversation with Maninder Pal Singh Kohli, a man said to have snatched her off a Southampton street as she walked home in 2003.

However, Winchester Crown Court was told, the operator could not hear what was being said and Hannah could not speak directly to the emergency services. As a result the police system automatically disconnected the call, a response intended to prevent the service becoming clogged with accidental calls from cell phones.

What a shame. She was later found strangled to death by a 14 year old boy, and she had been raped.

I know what your thinking … was the guy a Muslim? He is Indian so it is unlikely.


2 Responses to “British Authorities Hang Up On Kidnapped Teen Who Later Died”

  1. Jean said

    What a sad and horrible story, but I’m wondering what made it difficult for them to hear her, and why it was so hard for them to track this most important phone call? Also, since they’ve now caught this dirt bag, what have the bobbies decided to do to him exactly?

  2. Host said

    It really is sad, and hopefully they will implement an override for the system operator.

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