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Harry Reid Has His Ass Handed To Him By Local Talk Show Host!

Posted by Casey on October 9, 2008

I’ve mentioned that I’m a fan of Casey Hendrickson’s before on this site, and he has been kind enough to help me out with this blog a few times. Today Hendrickson was filling in on KXNT’s morning show, and he aired an interview he did with Harry Reid yesterday afternoon. The interview is almost a half hour long, and it’s the first time I’ve ever seen anyone really challenge Reid on several issues. The two of them were both respectful, but still went at each other for most of the interview. It culminated in Reid calling Hendrickson a racist.

I really want to give both of them credit here. Reid usually hangs up on people, but he actually extended the interview beyond what he was supposed to, and Hendrickson laid into him good.

KXNT does a segment called “The Flip” in which people can call in and flip someone off, or flip someone up. The bit was on fire with support for Hendrickson’s interview which took up the whole 7am hour. Except for one guy who called him a jackass.

Later on Rush Limbaugh picked up on the story (KXNT is the Limbaugh affiliate in Las Vegas), and aired some of Reid’s comments.

I was planning on blogging this already, but was waiting for KXNT to get the audio of the interview up on their website. It’s up there now, and KXNT has a poll on whether you thought the interview was fair towards Reid. At the time I wrote this the poll was at 94% in favor of Casey’s interview, and 6% thought it was an attempt to make Reid look bad. You can take their poll here, or you can take our poll in the left sidebar.

I was on Drudge a few minutes ago, and I noticed that Drudge has a story on his site about the interview. When you click the headline it takes you to Breitbart who has the racist comments part of the interview.

Below is the full interview from KXNT’s website.

Harry Reid Interview With Casey Hendrickson


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