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O.J. Selling DVD Of Himself Selling White Bronco With “Escape-Ability.”

Posted by Casey on October 8, 2008

There’s more than just that, but that is the most ridiculous of the bunch.

LV Sun:

Heeeeeere’s O.J. — standing next to a white Ford Bronco at a Las Vegas car dealership and selling the vehicle he “personally made famous” to customers caught on hidden camera. Here’s a bullet hole above the front wheel well with his autograph above the punctured metal. Simpson tells potential buyers:

“I mean, if you ever get into some trouble and you gotta get away, it has escape-ability.”

And there’s more — 90 minutes of “candid camera extravaganza” crammed onto the DVD “Juiced” and selling online for $19.95.

OJ was recently found guilty on all 12 charges in the kidnapping case. You can read more about it here, and take the poll in the left sidebar to let us know what you think of the verdict.

Naturally, the verdict has led to renewed interest in OJ’s antics. The Goldman family will go after any profits from the DVD.


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