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Breaking News: OJ Simpson Guilty On All Counts – Faces Life

Posted by Casey on October 4, 2008

Notice: the time zone on my posts is off because I was too lazy to change the UTC. I made this post less than 10 minutes after the verdict was announced.

Newsradio 840 KXNT here in Vegas carried the verdict live as it happened. At about 10:53 the jury entered the court to read the verdicts of Clarence Stewart, and OJ Simpson. One by one the charges were read, and the jury found both Stewart and Simpson guilty on all counts. OJ Simpson was visibly shaken upon hearing the news, and now will most likely spend the rest of his life in prison.

Many here in Vegas were skeptical that Simpson was going to get any time at all, but it looks like District Attorney David Rogers delivered on his promise. With OJ being found guilty on all charges there is little doubt that he will spend the rest of his life in prison.

I would also like to go on record by saying that I don’t think OJ will live very long. Whether he kills himself before reporting, or if he is killed for prestige behind bars. I don’t see him living out his days.

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7 Responses to “Breaking News: OJ Simpson Guilty On All Counts – Faces Life”

  1. Host said

    It took 13 years, but justice was finally done. District Attorney David Rogers said he wasn’t going to let OJ get away with this one, and he delivered beyond anyone’s expectations.

  2. Keith said

    Perhaps in some obscure way, the Brown and Goldman families will feel that justice has been served for their loved ones. I know it is terrible for me to say but perhaps “God” finaly put right a wrong!

  3. CJ Hurt said

    The arrogant Mr. Simpson finally has been held accountable for some of his actions. It is pretty amazing that this verdict came 13 years to the day from the 1995 verdict and after 13 hours of deliberation by the jury. I have no doubt that Simpson’s attorneys will make another plea in and out of court that he was set up and it was a conspiracy on the juries part.

  4. Thank you God

  5. RC said

    This was a setup from day one by a skam artist out to make as much money as possible. {210,000.00 for starters} Book deals etc.
    Why didn’t the FBI or police file any charges against the parafanalia dealers for stolen property or crossing state lines before this fiasco started. I guess they just couldn’t be bothered.
    It seems like another case of the prosecution picking and choosing who they want to prosecute. The detectives even said so on recording. It would have turned into a completly different ballgame if the authorities had acted at the very start. I hold them responsible for letting this case go on.
    I can’t believe the jury believed a word of the prosecution witnesses who sold their testimony to the prosecution. One prosecution witness even said on recording that his testimony could be swayed by how much money he got.
    Guilty maybe. Guilty beyond a reasonable doubt, no way.
    I am not an O.J. fan but I think this trial is just another legal lynching for past history and thats just not right.

  6. Host said

    RC, the law is clear. You can’t have people come with you, draw guns, hold people hostage, and threaten them. Whether it was a set up or not is irrelevant. His actions, and his actions alone are what got him convicted. He broke the law, and he was the ring leader. If you have your car stolen, and happen to find it the next day, you can’t steal it back. The law says you have to contact the authorities. Seriously, who the hell thinks it is ok to draw weapons on someone, and hold them against their will?

    The prosecution didn’t pick and choose who they prosecuted. They did what they do in every other case … they got the smaller fish to flip on the bigger fish by offering a plea deal. That’s exactly what we have here. The men who took the plea deal still face 11 years in prison.

    I’m shocked that everyone seems to forget the audio and video tapes of the assault. Everyone who thinks OJ got shafted seems to focus on the credibility of the witness, who are just as credible as any other witness in this type of case. The fact of the matter is … OJ was done when the audio was released to the public shortly after OJ was arrested. Everything the witnesses testified to was verified by the audio tape, and the video proved where and when it all happened and who was there. The jury had no choice. It was so beyond a reasonable doubt that he was guilty that there can be no other conclusion.

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