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Mars Lives! NASA Discovers It Snows On Mars!

Posted by Casey on October 1, 2008

This is a monumental discovery that should be plastered all over the front pages. I sincerely hope that the MSM and the blogosphere gives this news the proper attention that it deserves. Finding water on Mars was major earlier today, but snow is insane! Hopefully I’m not the only left who cares about these great space discoveries. One day … I will live in space.
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In an unprecedented discovery, NASA’s Phoenix Mars Lander has found snow falling from clouds on Mars, scientists said Tuesday.

A laser instrument collecting data on how the atmosphere and surface interact on Mars detected snow from clouds about four kilometers (2.5 miles) above the spacecraft’s landing site. The date found the snow vaporized before reaching the ground.

“Nothing like this view has ever been seen on Mars,” said Jim Whiteway, of York University, Toronto, lead scientist for the Canadian-supplied Meteorological Station on Phoenix. “We’ll be looking for signs that the snow may even reach the ground.”

Spacecraft soil experiments also have provided dramatic evidence of past interaction between minerals and liquid water, processes that occur on Earth. Phoenix touched down in the Martian arctic on May 25.

Phoenix data also suggested the presence of calcium carbonate, the main composition of chalk, and particles that could be clay.

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5 Responses to “Mars Lives! NASA Discovers It Snows On Mars!”

  1. Host said

    China has got to be pissed right now. They just got done throwing a parade for a measly spacewalk, and here we are making the space discovery of a generation on Mars. Poor little commies can’t seem to gain any ground on us.

  2. awang said

    China? China is following USA, but if USA is slow, China will pass… we will see what will happen

  3. Host said

    Not without American help they won’t. You can thank us and Russia for the assistance anytime.

  4. It doesnt matter if China, US, or Russia will overpass the long and waiting discovery about the life in Mars. What is important is that at our generations–2008-2009, they will justify anything as a proof on Mars’ life existence. I think, they should cooperate for this time. We are living in one planet and we need cooperation.

  5. Host said

    As long as the US is the only country with a space military force, we can all cooperate.

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