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Obama Continues His Assault On The First Amendment

Posted by Casey on September 29, 2008

I seem to recall a bunch of people talking about a fear of a gestapo here in the US based on Bush’s policies.  The funny thing is that those fears were based on falsehoods, but those people are most likely all supporters of Obama.  Why is this funny?  Because Obama is actually using gestapo like tactics to silence political opponents.  He’s even getting law enforcement involved.

We all remember how he repeatedly attempted to censor a radio station’s guests and hosts.

Now he’s actually using a secret police like tactic to silence his political opponents.  Here’s a video link confirming that prosecutors and sheriffs are getting involved in harassing Obama’s critics.  Notice that they will not perform the same duties for McCain even though McCain is lied about regularly in political ads.  This includes the cancer ad.

The gestapo like tactics of the Obama campaign against his critics is starting to get even worse.  Critics are now threatened with libel charges, and they are working to ban third party political ads.  The Missouri governor condemned the Obama tactics, and let’s not forget the previous plan to prosecute citizens.  At least the DOJ has said it won’t prosecute, but that doesn’t take away the fact that Obama requested it.

The latest issue with the NRA ad, and the truth squads had backing up Obama.  I typically find to be a reliable and solid source … though they have been wrong before.  The NRA says they’re wrong now, but says the NRA is wrong.  Truth is … they’re both right and wrong.  Obama’s campaign used this piece from on the NRA ad to support his position to have AIP donors prosecuted and censored.

So if says Obama is right what’s the big deal?

The advertisement is not illegal … even if it contains inaccuracies and spin.  Obama has no legal standing to censor the ad, or go after donors of the organization that produced it.  Most, if not all, political ads have inaccuracies, half-truths, and blatant lies.  It’s up to us, the voter, to dig through the spin and find the truth.

I would also like to point out that McCain is not pursuing the same legal tactics that Obama is.  Even though he too has the support of recently posted about how Obama’s ad on a Pennsylvania plant is false, or how about an Obama ad that misled voters on McCain and health care deregulation, Obama lying about McCain’s social security plan, and scaring seniors by lying and saying McCain would cut their benefits in half.  Hell, Palin could also use Obama’s tactics (according to his logic) and legally go after a greenie group for misleading people on shooting wolves.

All of those stories and more are from  Yet only Obama chose to go after American citizens who are exercising their First Amendment right to free speech.  McCain has allowed them to exercise that right … even though it involves lying about him.  Why?  Because there is nothing illegal about it.  Obama doesn’t care that it isn’t illegal, and apparently he has found some justice officials who don’t care either.

There is only one candidate using tactics that simulate gestapo behavior (minus the murder of course).  There is only one candidate who doesn’t believe you have the right to free speech.  There is only one candidate who is willing to break the law, and find government officials to help, in order to censor you.  That candidate is Obama … not McCain.  That should scare you.

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5 Responses to “Obama Continues His Assault On The First Amendment”

  1. Word of this needs to get out.

    Why aren’t the networks devoting coverage to this? This is a scandal.

  2. Host said

    They aren’t covering it because they are part of it. Some networks have pulled the NRA ad, and are refusing to air it anymore at the request of the Obama campaign. Here’s a couple more links to read up on:

  3. Host said

    Sorry, forgot the links


    Obama targets gun owners

  4. Reverend X said

    Funny. I did use the word gestapo quite a bit. First when Bush signed a National Security Directive creating the USSSUD. An organization with a Charter which is nearly verbatim word for word the same Charter which empowered the Gestapo in Germany. Look it up. Then when the Executive Branch publicly ceased to recognize the Right of Habaes Corpus, I used the word Gestapo again. I have also used the Words SS when referring to the nearly 40,000 Blackwater Worldwide fully armed and garrisonned Mercenaries stationed strategically across American soil.
    The list goes on.
    None of which are falsehoods.
    You are too little, too late.
    God I hope you can fight.
    We will need you.

  5. Host said

    Reverend X,

    A couple things you listed are falsehoods (habeas corpus, the Gestapo reference, etc.), but what in the hell are you talking about? This isn’t about Bush, of which you have conspiratorial misinformation.

    It’s about a candidate who blatantly attempts to censor the news, and free speech. It’s a candidate who behaves as a thug in attempts to silence his critics (something Bush never did).

    I certainly hope we never need to fight each other again in this country, and I’m hopeful we won’t. I am trained well, and a veteran of the war on terror. So don’t worry about me … I can fight. I’m afraid though that you and I will end up on opposite sides.

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