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Violence In Iraq Still Down During Ramadan

Posted by Casey on September 22, 2008

Good thing McCain was right about the surge.
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Army Lt. Gen. Lloyd J. Austin III, Multinational Corps Iraq commander, spoke to Pentagon reporters via teleconference from his headquarters in Baghdad.

Austin charted the continued progress in Iraq. “We’ve experienced continued low levels of violence, with 15 of the last 16 weeks remaining below the 200-attacks-per-week mark,” he said. “In Baghdad, … we’ve averaged less than four attacks per day for the last 13 weeks.”

He said this level of violence would have been unthinkable a year ago. Anbar province – once the home of al-Qaida in Iraq – transferred to Iraqi provincial control, and the trends of violence continue down, the general told reporters.

It’s notable that the decrease has continued during Ramadan, Austin said. “We did see a small spike in attacks over the weekend,” he acknowledged, “but I can tell you that even with the spike, we are well below what we saw last year and the year before that.”

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