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Palin Hackers Turn On Bill O’Reilly’s Web Subscribers

Posted by Casey on September 22, 2008

After O’Reilly angered hackers that are attacking Palin, the hackers decided to get even. Not with O’Reilly … with his fans. Website subscribers now have their personal information compromised on the web.

when O'Reilly criticized the hackers on his program, they turned against him, targeting his website in retaliation. Instead of damaging the host himself, however, they chose to attack his subscribers, making their personal information public.

Here's the O'Reilly Factor clip that angered the hackers:

Beyond their well-honed
hacking skills, it should be obvious to all that these guys aren't particularly bright. But the especially weak (and overtly partisan) justification given for the O'Reilly attack is breathtaking:

While this is a crime, it was done not to cause harm or embarrassment, but merely to prove whether or not Palin was using a private email account to conduct government business. But rather than look at the facts surrounding the hack, ultra-conservative commentator Bill O’Reilly just went for the jugular and verbally attacked not only the hackers themselves, but even the sites publishing the material on the Internet.

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The excuse that they used an illegal act to attempt to discover an illegal act that may, or may not, exist was juvenile at best. I wonder how many of these hackers would be ok with the FBI breaking the law, obtaining their personal information, and launching an investigation into every one of them. Just to see if they did commit a crime … even if they didn’t … and without any probable cause.

The hackers have almost endorsed a “Minority Report” scenario with their actions. You are guilty before you’ve done anything. Every fiber of the American way of life says you can’t break the law to prove someone else is breaking it. All that does is make you a criminal. This line of thinking is made profusely more inferior by the fact that there was no information that Palin was breaking the law. The hackers were on the proverbial fishing trip for the one that got away. Remember, the one that got away usually never existed, and that was the case here.

The liberal hackers here have openly endorsed everything they claim Bush is doing … and they oppose. How can you get screaming mad at Bush for warrantless wiretapping without probable cause if you are doing the same for nothing but political gain.

With this latest stunt on O’Reilly subscribers … the hackers have actually lowered themselves even further into the cesspool of mindless hypocrisy they were in before. They acted like sniveling babies when O’Reilly correctly illustrated their actions. With the courage of pathetic gang-banging pansies … they attacked O’Reilly’s subscribers. Further breaking the law by releasing their personal information for all to see. It’s pretty sad to attack people who’ve literally never done anything to you while at the same time avoiding the one you have an issue with.

To support such actions, as many liberal bloggers have, only illustrates how big an asshat-f–ktard you really are. Only the worst kind of idiot would endorse such damaging, and blatantly illegal actions as this.

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2 Responses to “Palin Hackers Turn On Bill O’Reilly’s Web Subscribers”

  1. Reverend X said

    “I wonder how many of these hackers would be ok with the FBI breaking the law, obtaining their personal information, and launching an investigation into every one of them. Just to see if they did commit a crime … even if they didn’t … and without any probable cause.”

    OMG! Where have you been for the last 7 years? They have! The FBI, NSA, and the Executive Branch have all broken the Law in order to do just what you are referring to here. Done it. Admitted it. And unapologetically got away with it.

    I agree with you that what the hackers have done is wrong, but being as they are hackers, criminal activity kinda goes along with the job. Palin is an Elected Official. She should be held accountable for her actions. The FBI and the rest should be also. As well as the hackers if anyone can find them.

  2. Host said

    That was the point I’m making. While you went a little overboard with the “broken law and admitted it” comment … the FBI did admit breaking the law with reference to one provision. They were caught, and punished for doing so … no one got away. The provision was then rewritten to make it more clear what was legal.

    The other warrantless wiretapping cases were all legal, and nothing new in the authority of our government. There is actually far more restrictions on government wiretapping now than there has ever been in our history. Most of the claims of illegal wiretapping are blatantly false, and promulgated by sufferers of BDS (Bush derangement syndrome).

    The point in my post is that the hackers who oppose Palin have been upset about the so called “warrantless wiretapping” of the government. Yet they have chosen to do the same as they have opposed. Why? Simply because they support Obama, and not McCain. They are hypocrites.

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