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We All Love Watching Terrified Fat People Getting Thrown In The Water.

Posted by Casey on September 19, 2008

Don’t we?

The newest TV sensation is “Hole In The Wall” on Fox.  I must admit, I am highly entertained by such an exploitive show that isn’t afraid to make us laugh at every possible stereotype that exists for people.  I guess what I’m saying is … Japan has the BEST game shows in the world.  I’ve seen midgets, super gays, women on steroids, black people who make fried chicken, a woman on her knees with knee pads, and a dog so far.

However, the best part of the show is the sheer amount of fat people that seem to be delusional enough to think they can get their humongous asses through a tiny hole four feet in the air.  Funny thing is … some of them do it, and show up the skinny teamates they brought with them.  Thankfully, for us, most of the fatties fail in their asinine attempts at acrobatics.

As funny as it is to see the obese hit the wall, and get dunked in a green pool of water, the look of sheer terror on their faces when they see some of the holes is priceless.  I don’t know what haunts them more … the fact that they actually volunteered to wear a ridiculously tight, shinny suit, or that they had to get fished out of the green water by hot lifeguards because they can’t get out of the pool.

You’d think it couldn’t get any better from what I’m describing … right?  Wrong!  To make the whole experience even more terrifying for the mammoths is the dreaded blind wall.  One person from the winning team is chosen to face the wall (at faster speed) while blindfolded.  How do they see what shape they need to make in order to get through the hole?  They don’t.  Instead, their other two teamates shout directions to the blindfolded fool who is guaranteed to get wet after being humiliated on national television.  Usually after literally taking the wall on the chin … stellar, I know!

Below you will see exactly what I mean.  This lady is now getting the opportunity to become the staple highlight reel for the show.  Watching her terrified fat ass get dunked never, ever gets old.


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