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Blogger & Blogono Failed Me … Hello WordPress!

Posted by Casey on September 17, 2008

Hopefully this will be the last move for Needs of the Many for a while.  I was perfectly happy with Blogger for a long time until they stopped hosting templates.  Which of course meant that you couldn’t change the look of your blog unless you used one of their templates.  Worst of all, for those of us who had custom templates started having problems with our blogs.  After months of repeatedly seeking assistance, and being ignored by Blogger, I chose to pack up and move to Blogono.

Blogono was nice and was powered by WordPress.  The only problem was the WordPress import tool wasn’t working at the time for importing my Blogger blog.  So I kept the original blog live for a backup system of my posts.  Every now and then Blogono would go down for days at a time, and I could not access my site.  This is extremely frustrating, but you already know that.  This last time Blogono has been down for nearly two weeks.

I was told that the server host shuts Blogono down (all sites) if they catch someone spamming.  So I was loosing precious blogging time because some turd was spamming people from his site.  It’s really not Blogono’s fault, but I can’t have my blog down for weeks at a time either.  So here I am!  Hopefully the 100’s of people who were visiting my last blog will be able to find me here at WordPress.

Once Blogono is up again I will migrate my posts over to this site so you have all the latest posts in the archives, but I have been able to import all of my Blogger posts from Needs Version 1.0.


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